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Every Tuesday and Saturday Evening, hosted by our own Gary Stellpflug (SLK 1970-72.)
For good conversation with some of your friends from the 6987th, as well as other USAFSS veterans, request an invitation via e-mail at: slkusafss@gmail.com (Microphone and camera optional.)

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(Image of patch provided by John Quinlan (SLK 1967 - 1968)

Air Force Outstanding Unit Award image of air force outstanding unit ribbon Department of the Air Force GB-81 1968 10/01/1964 09/30/1966
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award image of air force outstanding unit ribbon Department of the Air Force GB-43 1972 01/01/1969 12/31/1970
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award image of air force outstanding unit ribbon Department of the Air Force GB-819 1973 01/01/1972 06/30/1973
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry
Cross with Palm
image of republic of vietnam gallantry cross with palm ribbon Department of the Air Force GB-132 1976 04/01/1966 01/28/1973
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award image of air force outstanding unit ribbon Department of the Air Force GB-281 1977 01/01/1974 12/31/1975


by Martin Sandy Doria

Do you remember old friends when we walked as one in Formosa land on
Linkou Streets,

We ate and drank, played some games while we learned new, new songs
and saw life as neat;

We fought in a new war in a newer way; truly we were knights so bold
jousting in an electric sea,

We traveled far from home to fight this war with no weapons to hold
save a board with only keys,

The enemy not seen only heard as we honed our ears with wonder skills
To bring him to his knees,

There stands the sheriff with sharpened eyes to catch a thief, an alien spy
Or just to visit by,

The station chief from wars of old is grizzled, wrinkled, grey, and wary
He often plans so scary.

The Chaplain is a holy man who searches high and low for pin ups
Or just satanic cut ups,

We served in a magic time ago with glory and valor in a war so cold
Were we not bold?

From then none of us guessed what dreams were to be, as we traveled
On the road to old,

But blessed are all of us who walked in Formosa land on Linkou Streets
While holding life so sweet.

‡ † ‡ † ‡

Martin S. Doria, Provost Marshal, Shu Linkou Air Station, 1962 - 1965
Copyright © 2012 - Martin S. Doria

Aerial View of Linkou Air Station, ca. 1962

aerial view of linkou air station-1962

photo courtesy of K. Kovach (used with permission of DawgFlight Web Site)

Welcome USAFSS veterans that were stationed at Shu Linkou Air Station and attached to the unit when it was designated as Detachment 1, 6925th Radio Squadron out of Clark AB, Philippines, and later designations as the 6987th Radio Squadron Mobile, 6987th Radio Group Mobile, and 6987th Security Group, from its inception in 1955 to its final closing in 1977. For an excellent and comprehensive retrospective of Shu Linkou's "mud and tent" days through its growth, modernization, and its ultimate closing, I highly recommend a visit to the Dawg Flight site linked at the top of this page.
Also linked above are the Web sites for the Freedom Through Vigilance Association (FTVA) and Viva USAFSS. The FTVA site can be visited without becoming a member, dues paying members receive a newsletter and are eligible to attend their annual reunion, picnic, and banquet in San Antonio each September.
The Viva USAFSS Web site is a place where you can test your literary prowess and submit written articles about your USAFSS experiences. Your written submittals are not restricted to your time at the 6987th. Articles can be about any of your USAFSS experiences regardless of where you served in the world. Take a look at the site. It may inspire you to put your experiences down on paper for posterity, while answering that age-old question, What did you do during the war, Daddy? Don Lehman, one of our own, operates the site and I reccommend for your reading, his article entitled USAFSS and the Young (at the time) Airmen.
This site is open for viewing by anyone who visits here. In order to be listed on our Personnel Roster, proof of your service/assignment to the 6987th is required. If you like, you may submit a copy of your DD214 showing your assignment to the unit (you may delete/redact any personal information on the DD214.) If you would rather, simply provide a copy of one of your USAF orders, issued by the 6987th, showing your name. Additionally, include your current city and state of residence along with the dates of your tour at Shu Linkou. As a listed member on our Roster, you will be able to submit photos for posting to our Photo Albums page. If you are trying to locate someone you knew at Shu Linkou, you will also be able to to submit inquiries for posting on our In Search of: page. You may submit this information by clicking Webmaster. It may be that someone you are trying to locate is already a member on our Personnel Roster, so please take a look via the page link at the top of the page.
We do not operate a "full-blown" locator service, but if you are searching for an individual that you knew or worked with at the 6987th, submit his or her name, AFSN, AFSC, the individual's hometown and/or state, or last known address (city, and/or state.) Approximate year of birth is also very helpful. If you have an image of the individual, please include it with your submittal. Your inquiry will be posted on the In search of page for others to see and respond if they have helpful information.
If you have photos from Taipei or Linkou that you desire to post to the site, please submit them by clicking Webmaster and attaching the images to your e-mail. Only .jpg image files can be accepted. Due to file size and bandwidth limitations, some images may be re-sized for upload to the site. The Webmaster reserves exclusive rights to determine what images will qualify for posting to the site and in what format.
As a final note, visitors to our site should be aware that all images shown on this site are used with the permission of the owner(s) of the images. We cannot post copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner.
We hope your visit to our site brings back many pleasant memories and, since the Web Site is updated regularly, we encourage you to visit often.

image of taipei city map, ca. 1960

Map of Taipei City, circa 1960 (used with permission of Taiwan Defense Command Web site) (Click on Photo to Enlarge)

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