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RAY BLOM - October, 1960 TO MARCH, 1962
Ray Blom and Houseboy-taken right outside our barracks doorphoto of ray blom and barracks houseboy Ray and Sonny-I replaced Sonny when I arrived in Oct, 1960photo of ray blom and sonny Larry Wannamueller with our Houseboy. Larry transferred out in late 1960photo of larry wannamueller and barracks houseboy Base Laundryphoto of base laundry building
Walkway to the Operations Compoundphoto of the way to work Road leading to the base (seen in distance)photo of road leading to the base Brick factory along the road to Linkouphoto of brick factory The Village of Linkouphoto of street scene in linkou village
Residence outside of Linkou Villagephoto of residence in the countryside outside of linkou village Farmer working his fieldphoto of a farmer plowing a field behind an ox Frank Yates (L) and Ray Blom (R) on leave in Japanphoto of frank yates and ray blom Unidentified venuephoto of an unidentified building
On break downtown-guys looking at a particularly gory police photophoto of a group of guys looking at a photograph on a wall Taipei Street Scene-Pulling his goods to marketphoto of a laborer pulling a heavy laden cart to market Taipei Street Scenephoto of a street scene in taipei Taipei Street Scenephoto of a taipei street scene
Taipei Street Scenephoto of a street scene in taipei Perhaps the local Fuller Brush salesmanphoto of a merchant pulling a cart laden with assorted brushes Taken on a trip down-islandphoto of young girl carrying a baby on her back Sun Moon Lakephoto of a temple at sun moon lake
Sun Moon Lakephoto of sun moon lake Taken on trip down-islandphoto of a fishing boat at dock Fisherman with his catch - down-islandphoto of fisherman displaying his catch at dockside On his way to marketphoto of an oxcart laden with hay being pulled to market on a rural road
(L to R) Frank Yates, Paul Yates, Ray Blomphoto of frank and paul yates with ray blom Ray Blom ready for a Swing shiftphoto of ray blom Ray Blom - 1961photo of ray blom Street scene outside Taipeiphoto of a rural street scene outside of taipei
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