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Gene taking a "flyer" off the diving boardphoto of gene chambers diving of diving board Gene standing next to unidentified building
--perhaps the BCE Officephoto of gene chambers
Gene Chambers. Hobby Shop is the building in the background. Motor Pool can be seen in the background across the street. The NCO quarters are located to viewer's left across the street adjacent to the Motor Pool. Trick 3 barracks are located just beyond the Hobby Shop in the backgroundphoto of gene chambers
Gene standing at the perimeter fence at the rear of SLK ASphoto of gene chambers Group photo outside Trick 3 Barracks. Standing (L to R) Ron 'Tex' Loftin, Ken Lasater, and Frank Brock. Seated in line (Front to Rear) Steve 'Yank' McIsaac, Gene Chambers, Donald Edgcomb, and Gary ''Yogi' Knighton. Seated in the right side of frame, Leon German (L) and Guy Orr (R)photo of gene chambers

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