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JIMMY DEDMON - 1963 - 1965
SSgt Jimmy Dedmon with barracks in the background. All the pics were 1963-65. All the SSgts in the pics were 2-T guys. We were in Misawa, Japan in 1961-63, which was a two year tour and then went on to Linkou for an 18 month tour. Jimmy was the Baker Flight Controller for a of jimmy dedmon standing in front of barracks Jimmy paid an old man $20 to allow him to ride his water buffalo. As you can see, the picture was shot just as he was being thrown. The person behind him is Baker Flight's NCOIC, Leonard Newton. He was watching Jim being thrown. He was stumbling and was intent on saving his of jimmy dedmon riding a water buffalo.
Picture of the Baker Flight Championship softball team. From Left to Right: A2C Charlie Higuera, A2C Phil Vigil, SSgt Tom Kelly (a Fallen Eagle), ? unknonwn ?, SSgt Frankie Vega,
? unknown ?, SSgt Jim Dedmon, ? unknown ?photo of baker flight championship softball team
From L to R: ? unknown ?, Ron Baker, ? unknown ?, ? unknown ?, Jim Dedmon, Charie Higuera, Frankie Vega, Tom Kellyphoto of baker flight men Phil Vigil receiving the MVP trophy for
basketball in late of phil vigil receiving mvp trophy for basketball
The Championship Football team in 1965: In the Front Row: ? unknown ?, ? unknown ?, ? unknown ?, Glover, Phil Vigil, ? unknown ?, Back Row: 1st Lt Coach, Charlie Higuera,
? unknown ?, ? unknown ?, ? unknown ?, Jim Dedmon, ? unknown ?photo of 1965 championship football team
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