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Sign at Front Gate of SLKphoto of shu linkou billboard Swimming Poolphoto of base swimming pool Inside Charlie Flight Barracksphoto of interior of charlie flight barracks Houseboy, Papasan Chenphoto of papasan chen in barracks
David Demaree's favorite pasttime, reading booksphoto of david demaree reading a book David Demaree's 2nd favorite pasttime, laying in bedphoto of david demaree lying in bed Yogi fooling around with photo in someone's lockerphoto of Yogi in front of someone's locker Base Exchangephoto of base exchange - the BX
Gary (Yogi) Knighton with extremely dangerous snakephoto of gary knighton holding a snake Chow Hallphoto of Chow Hall Charlie Flight Christmas Decoration - 1962. Artwork by Guy Orr, and carpentry by Tex Loftin. Won 1st Prize in Base Contestphoto of billboard wishing merry christmas and happy new year David Demareephoto of david demaree
Ken Lasater (L) and Guy Orr (R)photo of ken lassiter and guy orr Maurice (Moose) Daltonphoto of Maurice Dalton Child on Water Buffalophoto of child sitting on water buffalo (L to R) Guy Orr, Ken Lasater, Ron Loftin, Jerry Bussuregroup photo of guy orr, ken lassiter, ron loftin, and jerry bussure
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