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LEON GERMAN - MAY, 1962 TO MAY, 1963
Leon German-A long way from Oklahoma to Taiwanphoto of leon german in front of world map Ken Lasater (L) and Gary Knighton (R)photo of ken lasater and gary knighton What happens when you get drunk and can't get up the next morningphoto of airman sleeping in bed outdoors Leon German (L) Larry Swanson (R)photo of leon german and larry swanson
Gary (Yogi) Knighton dancing in roadphoto of gary knighton dancing in road Gary Knightonphoto of gary knighton Danny Wynnephoto of danny wynne Ken Lasater, Jim Stoleman, and Louis DePalma (R foreground unkown)photo of ken lasater, jim stoleman, and louis depalma
Ralph Allen in foreground with cigar, Jeff Carleton in road in backgtroundphoto of ralph allen and jeff carleton Gary Knighton (L) and Leon German (R)photo of gary Knighton and leon german Yogi with camera, Don Edgcomb in middle, Sargent on rightphoto of yogi, don edgcomb, and sargent Leon Germanphoto of leon german
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