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Name: Joe McDonald
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Date: 06/08/2019
Time: 00:04
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Comments: Hello, I am Joe McDonald, I served a tour at SLK Jan 1974 to Jan 1976. I was Baker Flight CC for the first year, then Able Flight CC the second year. After a 2nd tour at te Pentagon, I was 6931st DO at Crete, then Ops Tab Chief on ESC IG team, then 6922nd CC at Clark in the PI. Please add me to the list.
(jmacok@cox.net) Thank you.

Name: Donald Peak
City & State: Leonard, TX
Date: 06/04/2019
Time: 20:19
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Comments: Donald Peak

Leonard, TX

Was stationed here from Nov 69 til Feb 72. Worked in operations bldg on Able Flight for a while.
Definitely nicer than Karamursel Air Station in Turkey.

Name: Mike Shorey
City & State: Pittsfield, MA
Date: 05/30/2019
Time: 20:39
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Comments: My name is Mike Shorey I am from Pittsfield Mass. I was at Shu Lin Kou A.S from 1968 to 1969 and was a cook

Name: Jimmy Clemons
City & State:
Date: 05/27/2019
Time: 08:41
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Comments: I was stationed at Shu Linkou from August 1968 through September 1970. I married a Chinese Girl and as a result lost access to my Crypto Clearance. I was reassigned to The 96th Civil Engineering Group in Westover AFB, Ma. From Sept 1970 to August 1974. I volunterred for a 4 year Tour to Rhein Main Germany and was assigned to Grissom AFB in 1980. From there I was assigned a remote to Kwang Ju AS, Korea. Since I was already given a remote assignment I requested a follow on assignment and was given orders for Eglin AFB Florida. I arrived on Eglin 1 January 1986 and served until I retired in ! September 1988 at the grade of E-7. Please add me to the Personnel Roster. I have since retired from Civil Service where I attained the Grade of GS-11 Step 10. I currently live in Navarre, Florida. I already Know one of my Friends from New Jersey has passed away. Thomas Kelley was a Linquist. His friend Joseph (Little Joe) I have lost track of and cannot fiend him. I know Little Joe was from the Suburbs of Atlanta, either East Point or West Point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Richard Lambert
City & State:
Date: 05/24/2019
Time: 11:27
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Comments: Sir,

How do I add my name to the roster?

I was there from May 1967 to August 1968
Sgt. Richard Lambert

Name: James C McDonald III
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Date: 05/22/2019
Time: 21:50
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Comments: Hello, My name is James C McDonald III.... My father James C McDonald served with 6987th as a 202-50 somewhere betweeen 65 to 68. He recently passed this year in February 2019. I was wondering if any of you guys remember him and if you do then I would love to hear any stories you may have. Any response and info would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Gary Williams
City & State:
Date: 05/19/2019
Time: 04:31
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Comments: My name is Gary Williams, aka Wink Williams. I was a Chinese linguist at Shu Lin Kou and worked as an operator and in the "T-House" as a transcriber from Dec 1973 to Jul 1975.

I would like to be added to the roster of 6987th Security Group Alumni.

Thank you

Gary Williams

Name: Mike Whelan
City & State: Colorado Springs, CO
Date: 04/26/2019
Time: 08:52
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Comments: I was lucky enough to be assigned to the 6987th from 1974 - 1976 working in the Day Shop as the AIT Coordinator and the X2 Comm Dev Coordinator. When preparing to move from VA to Colorado Springs I found my "Granny Goodness (AKA K. J. Reynolds)" Give a Sh** Card. Granny was the Avise Columnist for the Weekly Operatons Feedback Program. It brought back a lot of great memories from my tour there; Chief Al Motz, Maj Denny "Green Jeans" Thompson; LtCol Ron Hoyt, LTs McClendon and Cook, the bus ride from the hill to Peitou, the incredible food at the dining hall and the list goes on. Glad I found this site.

Mike Whelan

Name: Don Valentine
City & State: Port Washington, NY
Date: 04/10/2019
Time: 23:46
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Comments: Postmaster:

Linkou Tour July 1958 to December 1959, AFSC2034?? (recall as Communications Intelligence Officer). Ran analytical group, email: dvtecm@gmail.com

Cannot find in your listings a person who worked for me: M/Sgt Thomas G. Crum. Unsure of Linkou Tour dates. He was there when I arrived in July, 1958 and was still there when I left in December, 1959. USAF trained him at Yale as Chinese linguist.

After 6 years in Asia was returned to US. Last saw him in 1960 at Syracuse University where AF sent him to study Russian.

I would appreciate any help you might suggest in located him.

Don Valentine

Name: Tom "Scotty" Carpenter
City & State: Hanover, MD
Date: 03/07/2019
Time: 23:07
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Comments: My name is Tom "Scotty" Carpenter. I was station at Linkou in 1968-69 as a 203. I retired from the USAF in 1987, and currently live in Hanover, MD. My career included assignments to Vietnam (1966-67), Japan, the Philippines, Okinawa, and Hawaii. Please include me in the list of those who proudly served.

Name: Wallace Mathes
City & State:
Date: 02/16/2019
Time: 17:21
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Comments: I was stationed at ShuLinkou A.S., 6987th S.G., from '69 to '70 (15 mos.) as a 203 (MB) working a rotating shift under SSgt Earl McDonald, voice controller. I found 'Mac' on a roster at another site listed as on 'Dawg' flight, so I guess I was also on Dog even though my room assignment was on the ground floor of the center AF dorm which I've heared would have been Baker at that time. I can recall going through a serious typhoon (a couple weeks with even day-ladies stranded) during my tour and winning enough pinochle chits to never have to pay for much of anything at the NCO club. I learned to play bridge by kibitzing a game at the service club that seemed to go on-and-on as a marathon with guys getting off shift and setting in when someone had to go on duty; at least for a while it was going 24 hrs/day. I also learned to play golf on the par 3 course on station (irons only); this sounds a little cushy to me... Interested in hearing from any of the guys I served with on station or trained with at DLI.

Wallace (Wally) Mathes
DLIWC Mandarin Chinese class of '68
Goodfellow AFB class of late '68
6987th S.G. USAFSS, SLK '69-'70<
SSgt (E5) at 38 mos, discharge at 4 yrs from Forbes AFB, Topeka, KS as a 702XX

Name: Doug Sanders
City & State: Sioux Falls, SD
Date: 02/09//2019
Time: 17:45
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Comments: I was stationed at Shu Linkou from February 1966 to September 1968. Part of that time I was TDY to the Air Force Det. serving with the Army's 7th RRFS at Nong Soong, Thailand south of Udorn AFB. My last several months in Taiwan were at the detachment working at the Joint Air Defense Center at Taipei Air Station. My AFSC was 20351-2; I worked as an analyst, on the floor, and teletype, as well as the remote site before going downtown.

It's great to bring bacck some memories on this web site.

Name: Marion H. Dancy
City & State:
Date: 11/17//2018
Time: 21:55
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Comments: My name is Marion H. Dancy and I was at Shu Linkou Air Force Base from, July 76 to March 77.

I was a security police officer. Can't remember too many names but I'll never forget Sgt. Archie Napper. How do I get information about joining the group and hearing from some of the guys again.

Name: Gary Millette
City & State:
Date: 11/09/2018
Time: 18:06
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Comments: Just a short update for those of you who were stationed in Taiwan. I just got back from my 3 week visit there. And if you haven't been there recently you will not recognize Taipei any more.

The last time I was there was about 14 or 15 years ago and things have changed even more since that trip. I didn't make it to the Shu Linkou site area or the old compound area. And even if I did I wouln't recognize these areas any more. Many more cars, people, and motor scooters. Lots of new high rise buildings and highways above the downtown city streets.

When I was stationed there I knew how to get around the city pretty good. Well that's no longer the case. I also made it down to Tainan for a couple of days. That city has also changed, but not as drastically as Taipei. For the most part I knew where I was in the city. Again I didn't make it past the old Tainan AB or the old NCO club that was outside of the base. The only pictures I took were pictures of my in-laws. No sight-seeing pictures because we didn't do any sight-seeing we just visited relatives and a lot of eating out in restaurants.

Despite all of the eating I did lose a couple of pounds. I attribute that to all of the walking around that I did around our hotel and several big walks through a large shopping mall and a very long walk from a retaurant to the jade/flower market near the 101 skyscraper.

Gary Millette USAFSS Hakata & SLK (69-72) AF (68-88)

Name: Larry Carson
City & State: Hanover, MD
Date: 10/10/2018
Time: 03:06
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Comments: Lawrence (Larry) Carson, CMSgt (Ret)
Served two wonderful tours of duty at the 6987th as a 202:

Dec'65 - Jan '67 Charlie Flight, Supervisor MSgt Joe Hudson/TSgt Merve Knocke
May '72 - Dec '75 Baker/Days

Retired in 1986 after 22 years service in USAFSS/ESC

Hanover, Maryland

Name: Birney W. Smith, III
City & State:
Date: 10/04/2018
Time: 20:40
Referred By:
1)AFSC: 20270
2) Dates of Tour: 1974-77 (Station closure)
3)Operations or Support: Operations
4) Dawg Flight the Day Shop

Name: Chuck Bradley
City & State:
Date: 8/31/2018
Time: 07:51
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Comments: I graduated from Keesler on 9/3/65 in class 02124, From there, despite being promised choice of available assignments for graduating 1st in class, I was sent to Trabzon, Turkey, TUSLOG Det 3-1, where I guess I was needed most. I wasn't happy at the time because my brother was stationed in Darmstadt, Germany, as a 203xx Russian linguist & that was my choice of assignments. Oh well, it worked out ok. After 15 months in Trabzon, I went to Goodfellow with the 6994th mobile unit. After about a year, they were looking for volunteers for Viet Nam airborne ARDF & Morse operators so I volunteered for it & got it. I went for training in New Hampshsire for airborne radio jamming which was a waste of time because we weren't allowed to use it once I got there. I was in Pleiku, Viet Nam, Charlie Flight, for about 10 months or so as a crew member & trainer on the EC-47's & got an early out from there in 1968. Many great, some scary, memories from those 4 years in the USAFSS. Made a lot of friends along the way, but don't know where they are or even what some of their names were. I have only met with one I flew with in Viet Nam. Maybe I'll find some guys I served with elsewhere.

Name: Karen Godfrey
City & State: Milwaukee, WI
Date: 7/13/2018
Time: 12:55
Referred By:
Comments: Karen Godfrey from Milwaukee, Wi. stationed at Shu Lin Kou 1976-77 as a Chinese voice processing specialist. Fortunately or unfortunately? I allowed myself to find a job in the Day Shop. While this allowed me to avoid the shift work, it sort of isolated me from fellow linguists. This was also my first duty station and I was extrememly lonesome. I did the best I could to fill my days with activities to keep my thoughts away from my family. I studied scuba diving and became certified. Did I mention that I was kind of immature?

Anyway, I did meet a number of lovely people working in the Day Shop and silly young kid that I was have lost touch with them over the years. I daresay I have matured a little bit by now and would love to reconnect with a couple of these people or at least have the opportunity to thank them for being so nice to me.

Name: Kenneth "Dewayne" McCurley
City & State: Kyle, TX
Date: 6/7/2018
Time: 16:11
Referred By:
Comments: Hello everyone. Glad to have found this site.

I would like to be listed in your roster. I served at Shu Lin Kou from December, 1971 to April, 1973 and really enjoyed my time there. I was a 20250, which was a Radio Intercept Analyst, until they decided that the name gave away what we did and changed it to a Communications Analyst Specialist.

I arrived at Shu Lin Kou in December of 1971 and will have to say that the bus ride up the hill was interesting to say the least. I was assigned to Dawg flight in the beginning and then was changed over to Charlie flight when they learned that I was a fast pitch softball pitcher. I played on the base team that next year (1972) as an outfielder (sat the bench) while I honed my pitching skills (playing along with Ken Dick-most amazing pitcher, Arnie Hayes, Neal Novotny, Dale Day, John Clarson). In 1972 I also played for the base football team, along with Mike Noe, Neal Novotny, Scotty, Bob Seward, Arnie Hayes, John Clarson, Andy Wells to name a few, my position was flanker-back and we won the island wide chanpionship and I was fortunate to be named to the all star team.

In 1972 I also played rugby for the first time with the "Outsiders" joining Neal Novotny on the team. We traveled to Hong Kong to play the British teams there and we almost beat their "B" team in a scrimmage. The British were stunned that we gave them such a good game. That came to a screeching halt when we played their "A" team a few days later in the stadium packed with 40,000 fans. Needless to say, we fell behind quickly. 30-0 at halftime, and limped out of the stadium after that. In 1973 I was one of the starting pitchers along with Neal Novotny and we had Sam Hargrave as our catcher.

As far as work in the compound went, I was assigned to the teletype machines when I first arrived at SLK. Later on I transferred into the "Poke Shop" and learned how to type really really fast. It was really a sweet gig because we never had to work the late night shifts. However, my flight commander never liked me because I was always getting off of work early to go to team practices. I had orders to go to Crete (to play football) but got the bright idea to get married to a foreign national and had my top secret clearance pulled. (Dumb, dumb, dumb) The bright spot to that is that I got a son who is awesome!

Overall, Shu Lin Kou was a great place to be assigned to and the people that I met and worked/competed with were awesome! Memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Thank you,

Ken McCurley
Kyle, Texas 512-585-4422

Name: John (Bud) Walsh
City & State: Land O Lakes, FL
Date: 3/1/2018
Time: 12:38
Referred By:
Comments: Hi! I am John Bud Walsh a 29271 stationed at Shu Lin Kou AS from 1968 to 1971. I started out on Bravo Flight and worked in the Deep six. I moved to Management in Operations and stayed there the last two years of my tour.

My wife, Ouida and my three children Natalie, Barry and Brady were stationed there with me. We left Taiwan and went to Goodfellow AFB as an instructor and trainor for Deep six operations. I then transferred to Management in the 6940th Squadron.

I retired as an E7 in April 1975 and moved to Tampa, Florida and have remained in that area since. I now live in Land O Lakes, FL. I attained a degree in accounting and retired from the Tampa Sports Authority as Chief Financial Officer (Home of the Bucs.)

While in Taiwan I played fast pitch softball for our flight and for the base team. My wife and I really enjoyed our tour in Taiwan. Please add me to the mailing list.

God Bless All!

John (Bud) Walsh
Let's Break Thru

Name: Li Yuechen - 698142@gmail.com
City & State:
Date: 1/31/2018
Time: 15:50
Referred By:
Comments: Susie's photo and worked card

photo of work card

group photo girls from abc club

Name: Li Yuechen - 698142@gmail.com
City & State:
Date: 1/31/2018
Time: 15:45
Referred By:
Comments: Please help me looking for a girl who had worked in 1970 year at Taipei ABC club, she's name is susie.

Please Tell me she's e-mail or address or telephone, thanks!

I am susie's Taiwan friend.

Chen like yu

Name: Elmer Witherow
City & State: Redmond, OR
Date: 12/10/2017
Time: 09:10
Referred By:
Comments: Hi:

Found your webpage and enjoyed it. Would like to add my name to the roster. Attahed find copy of my DD214 showing Shu Lin Kou AS as my place of re-enlistment in Jan 1973 in block 14.

I was stationed with the 6987th Security Squadron from August 1972 to July 1973. Having spent the previous 2 years in Anchorage Alaska with the 6981st, Lin Kou was like heaven, especially in the 1970's

I currnetly reside in Redmond, Oregon.

Thanks for the add. Let me know if any problems.

Elmer Witherow

Name: Richard E. Mitchell
City & State:
Date: 11/24/2017
Time: 17:23
Referred By:
Comments: Hello. My name is Richard E. Mitchell. I was a 292 in the USAF. I was stationed in Taiwan from Sept. 65-Dec. 66. I was at Kelly AFB, after Taiwan from Jan. 67 till July 67. While there I volunteered for ARDF training and served with Det. 1 6994th Secuity Sq. in Nha Trang, S. Vietnam from Sept. 67-Aug. 68. I got orders to go back to Kelly after the Vietnam tour, but a couple weeks later they decided to just let me separate rather than go to Kelly again for just a couiple months. So I separated at McCord AFB in Aug or Sept. 68.

These are the fellows who were in my graduation class at Keesler. I am the Black guy in the second row 3rd from the right. Thanks so much for your efforts in archiving and displaying these photos. I was able to recently connect with my old roommate from Keesler this month in Colorado Springs 52 years later.

Thanks again so much. God Bless.

Former Sgt. Richard E. Mitchell

Name: Bob Oden
City & State:
Date: 11/20/2017
Time: 18:47
Referred By:
Comments: Hi
I was Radio Maintenance at Shu Linko from 1961 to 1964 (I would have to look up the exact dates.) I extended my tour a number of times. I spent a lot of the time "Down Island" at Chiyi and Kaoshung working with the 76th ASA, Special Operations Unit Delta. Only airman assigned to an Army Unit. We operated one of the Direction Finding sites.

After Taiwan I went to Keesler and worked radio maintenance for the ditty bop school at Keesler. From there it was back to Goodfellow, AFB for Advance Intercept Maintenance school where I picked up the Secuity Service designator Y304X4, then off to the 6915th Security Group in Hof, Germany. I spent 5 years there.

After Hof, I wound up as a Tactical Air Control Party specialist (27590) and would back with the Army again and finished off my career doing that and retired as a Master Sergeant. After spending so much time on the ground calling in Air Support, I got my pilot's License and flew as a search and rescue pilot for the Coast Guard Auxilliarhy for the next 8 years winding up as the unit commander before giving it up to old age.

My years in the Security Service were among the best yeres of my life.

Bob Oden

Name: Raymond Jellison
City & State:
Date: 11/18/2017
Time: 14:01
Referred By:
Comments: Raymond Jellison. Served there 63-68. Back again in 71. Left early for OTS. Loved my time there. As a side note, I worked for Major Doria as a temp SP while waiting on my clearance in 63. He wrote a great Letter of Appreciation for me when I went into the compound. It helped my transition. Thanks for this site.

Name: Harry Sweeney
City & State:
Date: 11/13/2017
Time: 10:19
Referred By:
Comments: I first showed up after hours at the 6987th in April 1969 (I think) courtesy of Chinese Army. Air Policeman Shoop and I, both A1C, thumbed a ride on a courier C-47 in the P I. while all the others took a bus to the transit barracks.

Made S/Sgt (203 Trick Chief) there and then reassigned to the P. I. as Trick Chief, but worked in Trans Sec instead. Was intervied by a SAC colonel and then reassigned to SAC Hq as advisor. LtCol Kermit Beahan (Nagasaki fame) was supervisor. Returned to Link'ou AS after SAC as T/E Conmtroller, left for GAFB as Assistant to Captain See, R/T Tranining Commandant.

Returned to 6987th, was NCOIC sections 2 and 3 in T/E, then NCOIC of Section 7. Section 7 crew unilaterally developed new reporting system. NCOIC of T/E returned to US!

Returned to school, then 6987th again as NCOIC of T/E. Much trouble because Ops Officer wanted me as NCOIC & USAF wanted CMSGT as NCOIC. Personnel offered reassignment to 6912th in Berlin as German 203 & I accepted. Retired after 2 years in Berlin as Russian 203. Yep, that was right, P20391-1! Had no real problems switcning to Russian translator with no background. LtCol Richard Webb was commander of 6912 at the time. He was 1st Lt at Link'ou. I retired after 6912, then recruited by Dept Education. I considered the 203's both in Asia and Berlin as a great bunch of people! I always admired their competence and patriotism.

I am 82 now and travel between two homes: Phoenix, AZ and Chesapeake City, MD. Am Islam Analyst & published 536 page book on Islam (The Restless Wind and Shifting Sands)

Name: John Quinlan
City & State:San Pedro, CA
Date: 11/07/2017
Time: 18:10
Referred By:
Comments: Hi. My name is John Quinlan. Would you please add my name to your Personnel Roster and Mailing List. Thanks

Prior to my tour of duty at Shu Lin Kou, I served an 18 month tour at Karamuirsel Air Station, Turkey as a 292X1 Morse Code Intercept Operator on Able Flight 1965-1966. While at Karamursel, I heard a lot of wonderful stories about a place called LinKou on the Island of Taiwan. - Sounded good to me.

I made the right choice. After Karamursel, I served in the 6987th at Shu Lin Kou on Baker Flight 1967-1968, doing the same type of work. I have a lot of fond memories working and living on Taiwan: all my fellow co-workers, dining at Shu Lin Kou's award-winning Dragon Inn, exploring the island, soaking up the Taiwanese culture and people, and, of course, partying in Taipei. Lots of fun and great memories, a great place to serve. Looking back, that was a unique and special time of life. I feel fortunate. Those were the days!

Thanks again. Best wishes to all who served. May your days be happy and healthy.
John Quinlan

Name: Ken Becht
City & State:Ormond Beach, FL
Date: 10/19/2017
Time: 04:51
Referred By:
Comments: Hi

I should be already in your system. I was at Linkou in 1967-68. I had the clearance but worked in payroll. I played on our base basketball team with Herman Kramer, Jerry Higgins, Danny Wilkins, Clutch and 3 others. We called ourselves the Magnificent Seven because that's how many were on the team. We traveled and played some Taiwanese teams and other military teams. Herman Kramer was our best player. I have some team photos and an action shot or two. We also had the base Chaplain Captain Smith.

I can take some photos of the photos and send them to you if you'd like to post them.

After I was discharged January 1971, I went to college, graduated with Honors & Distinction from San Diego State University in 1975. Wrote & published two books, became a police officer & then Realtor. Retired. Bought home in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Let me know if you want any of the photos.


Ken Becht
Vietnam 1969-1970
Honorable Discharge from Westover AB January, 1971

Name: Axel Anaruk
City & State:
Date: 10/08/2017
Time: 15:05
Referred By:
Comments: Request to be listed as an alumni on the Web page, and to be approved to join the Facebook page. I served from 1969 to 1994. I was a 203x1 MB (Chinese linguist) 1969 to 1981, then a SIGINT officer until 1994

I served at Shu Linkou from about November, 1973 until early 1975. Was on linguist team two with Lee Alexis, then moved to the T house on Gordy Roloff's team.

Appreciate any consideration to my requests


Name: Rick Mocarski
City & State: North Granby, CT
Date: 09/24/2017
Time: 21:56
Referred By: Self
Comments: I had the privilege of being stationed at the 6987th from 1968-1969. I was an analyst 202 and worked Able and Charlie Flights. Chow hall was the best in the Air Force. Had a great 15 months....rickmocar200@yahoo.com

Name: Kathy Dickson
City & State:
Date: 08/18/2017
Time: 17:40
Referred By:
Comments: Hi. My name is Kathy Dickson. My husband, Don, served at Shu Lin Kou in the late 60s as is shown on the Roster. Don passed away a few months back. Since then I have been looking for someone who served with him and someone that could tell me and confirm that he spent a bit of time in Vietnam on special assignment

I have been working with the VA for Survivor Vietnam Benefits and it appears that because Don was on special assignment, records are not easily obtainable. Thus, my plea to find someone who can tell me more and/or make a statement to the fact or lead me to information that would confirm this. I would be happy to receive any word as my first application was denied and I have 11 months to prove his being in country. I appreciate you posting my note on your website. Here is my contact information:

Kathy Dickson


Please let me know if you need more information.

Name: Earl Stitt
City & State: Honey Grove, PA
Date: 07/24/2017
Time: 17:19
Referred By:
Comments: Hi. My name is Earl Stitt originally from Vandergrift, PA and currently living in Honey Grove, PA. Please add my name to your personnel roster.

I was stationed with the 6987th from February, 1966 through August, 1967. I was a 20351 in various work assignments. From Shu Linku I went to the 6993rd at Kelly and while ther pulled a few months TDY with the 6948th mobile at Osan AFB, South Korea following the USS Pueblo incident.

Name: Gage Parrish
City & State: Monument, CO
Date: 04/05/2017
Time: 17:23
Referred By:
Comments: Hi. My name is Gage Parrish and I was stationed at Shu Linkou Air Station in the 6987th from Apr 1974 until Apr 1976. My wife, Mary (Schonhardt) Parrish was also stationed there from Oct 1974 until Apr 1976. We were both 20330's in Easy Flt and lived down in Tian Mu on Tian Mu San Lu in a fourth floor apartment. Our first of four children, Matt, was born in the Naval Hospital in Tian Mu. We lived in Las Vegas (my hometown) from 1978 until 2015 and moved to Monument, Colorado in July 2015.


Name: Terry Ricchiardi
City & State: Gretna, NE
Date: 03/24/2017
Time: 13:25
Referred By:
Comments: Hi my name is Terry Ricchiardi. Please add me to your personnel roster. I entered the Air Force in February 1966 from Carlinville, Illinois. I now reside in Gretna, NE. I attended training at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS from March 1966 thru October 1966. I am attaching a photo of my graduation class. I am pictued in the photo, second row, second from the end. I was stationed at Shu Lin Kou from November 1966 thru February 1968 as a Morse Code Intercept Operator on Baker light. I was also part of the 1967 Shu Lin Kou softball championship team. I remember the great times that we all had and this was definitely the best experience that I had in all my time in the Air Force. You also could not beat the great chow hall that we had. Just about as good as Mom's cooking back home. From Shu Lin Kou, I was sent to Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE from March 1968 thru November 1969. I am really glad that I found this site.


Terry Lee Ricchiardi

Name: Robert Barton
City & State: Dunnellon, FL
Date: 02/25/2017
Time: 20:11
Referred By:
Comments:Name is Robert Barton and I was a 20250 Radio Intercept Analyst. I was stationed at Shu Linkou from Jan 1961 until April 1962. I worked a rotating shift. I think it was 2 days then 2 evenings and then 2 midnight shifts and then two days off. I currently am retired and live in Dunnellon, FLORIDA. After Shu Linkou I was assigned to the Air Force Special Communications Center at HQ USAFSS in Kelly AFB in San Antonio, TX. from there I re-enlisted for a 30331 ATC RADAR REPAIRMAN school at Keesler. From there I was sent to Dow AFB in Bangor, Maine. I was discharged from there

After my discharge I worked in Radio and TV before the FAA hired me as an ATC radar techician. I ended my career as an instuctor at the FAA Academy in OKC. I also worked for them after retirement as a government contractor.

Name: Mark Ruzyla
City & State:
Date: 01/29/2017
Time: 18:05
Referred By:
Comments: My name is Mark Ruzyla. I was at SLK from Jan. '74 to Aug. 75 as a 203 (Viet) after having spent a year at NKP (6908th).

Then retrained into Mandarin and went tote 90th. Retired as a MSgt in 1991. Please add my name to your personnel roster.

Name: Roger Swift
City & State: Texas
Date: 01/01/2017
Time: 07:46
Referred By:
Comments: Please refresh my antique memory. The 6987th was in Formosa wasn't it?

Because of my health and being confined to an electric wheelchair, I have to drive to anything that I want to attend, like the reunion for the 6994th S.S. that I went to in San Angelo, Tx this past Sept. while you were having your annual dinner. So, the next time you have something going on in Texas, please let me know and maybe I will be able to attend it. Texas is my home, and about as far as I am able to travel

Thanks, Roger Swift

P.S. I was up on the hill in Formosa in 1957 and 1958.

Name: Daniel Gallington
City & State:
Date: 12/29/2016
Time: 21:22
Referred By:
Comments: Was stationed at USTDC (J-7), '73-'75 and visited SLK monthly as part of my duties. Fondly remember the Mess Hall, always voted the best in the AF!

Daniel Gallington
Col USAF (Ret.)

Name: Steve Engel
City & State: Mount Angel, OR
Date: 12/20/2016
Time: 13:56
Referred By:
Comments: Just dropping in to register on your site and to be included in roster. I was a 203 (Chinese) serving at Linkou from January 1968 to August, 1969. Arrived at 6987th from 6924th (Danang) just a couple weeks before the commercial plane crash occurred right below the base.

Steve Engel
Mount Angel, OR

Name: Roger Ferris
City & State: Danbury, CT
Date: 12/07/2016
Time: 15:25
Referred By:
Comments: The 6987th was my second tour. I served from October 1968 to February 1970 and worked RFP for several months before the x2 position transferred from the Army to the Air Force. I worked Baker Flight to the end of my tour/enlistment.

Name: Robert Thompson
City & State: Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 10/07/2016
Time: 07:55
Referred By:
Comments: Please add my name to your members' list. I was at Shu Lin Kou as a 203 from April 1964 to August 1965 with a three month TDY to the 6937th in Bangkok in the middle. After spending my first two months at a remote site called Houkeng, I was assigned to Able Flight under Carlton "Cully" Dommissee and then Boyd Worley after I returned from Bangkok.

I signed up to go back to Yale for intermediate Chinese but ended up at the Presidio of Monterey in Monterey, CA after the program moved there. Was assigned to JSPC at Torii station in Okinawa from late 1966 to mid-1969, then spent the rest of my enlistment as an instructor at goodfellow from June 1969 to May 1971.

I enjoyed my time in Taiwain so much that I returned here in 1980 to teach English and have spent over 25 years here off and on since then. My wife and my youngest son and I live in Taipei near the CKS memorial. Look me up if you are ever in Taipei.

Robert Thompson

Name: James F Riggins
City & State: Chester, MD
Date: 09/01/2016
Time: 10:30
Referred By:
Comments: James F Riggins
Chester, MD 21619
Stationed there from Nov 1970 - Feb 1972
Charlie Flight with Rick Highberg, Paul D. Shell, Russ Baker, etc.

Name: Jim St. John
City & State: Dover Plains, NY
Date: 07/08/2016
Time: 10:56
Referred By:
Comments: Stationed there from 05/68 until 08/69

Name: Tom A. Richardson
City & State: Greensboro, GA
Date: 07/08/2016
Time: 10:19
Referred By:
Comments: My name is Tom A. Richardson and I served at Shu Linkou (6987th) from 1964 to Jauary 1966.

My AFSC was 20250. I was transferred to Taiwan from Darmstadt, Germany (6910th) as part of the 2T program with the temporary rank of E5. I was discharged Jauary 1966. My Hometown is Newark, OH.

Name: Stan Brandenburg
City & State: Highland Village, TX
Date: 06/07/2016
Time: 12:07
Referred By:
Comments: Please add me to the Personnel Roster. I was a 202 in Shu Lin Kou from September 1969 thru December 1970 on Able Flight.

I lived a charmed life in the Air Force. I did my Basic in Amarillo. During "the what do you want to do in the Air Force" briefing in basic, I asked the Sergeant what a Radio Intercept Analyst was. He said it was some sort of secret shit that they wouldn't tell him about. I had the test score and it sounded good to me. From there I went to Goodfellow, probably the most relaxed tech school in the entire Air Force. The barracks were the WWII wooden, open bay style separated by wall lockers. The latrine had walls separating the toilets but no doors, you could hand TP to the guy in front of you. The First Sergeant did a walk-thru inspection on Monday morning and if the trash was gone, floor swept, latrine clean, and water from the weekend fire extinguisher fights dried, it was all good. Morning formation to march to school was more of a mob sleepily stumbling along. I had typing in high school so after a few weeks I had the afternoon off. I had KP once maybe twice, I think there was one parade formation on the runway for a Change of Command ceremony. From there to Karamursel for 18 months of more great duty in the TTY shop in the back with great operators. Then to Shu Lin Kou, it just kept getting better. Best chow hall in the Pacific.

My uncle was First Sergeant at Taipei Air Station so I spent considerable time with them and in the bar at the bus stop. On one mid-shift the 292's had a new guy on his first night shift, they tore off the top sheet of a multi ply roll of TTY paper so it looked like the carbon was on top. They convinced him to unroll the paper and re-order it with a hard copy on top. After rolling it out, up and down between the racks, about 05:30, they told him to pick it up and put it into burn bags. One other night we used the TTY's to convince a new 292 guy that he had been re-assigned to a special collection flight in a C-141 over the mainland. Fun and games on sloooow mids. I got my E-5 in Shu Lin Kou a couple months before my PCS and a 6 month early out. Why oh why did I do that?

Name: John Hill
City & State: Mt. Sterling, KY
Date: 06/01/2016
Time: 08:53
Referred By:
Comments: I served in the 6987th from late 1970 to early 1972 as a 202. I worked days with Steve Edwards and Joe Kotchka. It was a great place to be for fifteen months. This was my second assignment. My first tour was at Karamursel, where I was on Dawg Flight.

I lived mostly in a variety of apartments in downtown Taipei. I often would ride up the hill with Steve Edwards, who owned a Datsun. I spent many evenings in the San Francisco Club and the Linkou Club. Afterwards, I would stop by a "Hoe-Joes" for a bag of gortiyea (sorry about the spelling) to take home.

I would like to be included on the Personnel Roster and Mailing list. I currently live in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. I was a 202 on both my tours and I was in the 6987th from late 1970 through early 1972.

Many Thanks,

John R. Hill

Name: Jim Nagele
City & State: Hatfield, PA
Date: 05/09/2016
Time: 15:18
Referred By:
Comments: I schooled at Goodfellow AFB as a 202 and chose Linkou first on my dream sheet and got it. Arrived in February 1966 and left in May 67.

Had a great time watching new officers push back too far in their chairs and fall into the black marble koi pool in the chow hall. Also had to leave someone at the table when we went to the milkshake bar or else the food would be gone when we got back. When we first got there we were in the Quonset huts but moved into the Able Flight new barracks shortly after. They had sliding typhoon shutters on the inside.

I had a band while there and have attached a photo for you. We were the house band at the NCO club and played all clubs downtown. Our record went to #1 supported by AFNT. We played the Ambassador and were opening act for all US touring groups including The Ventures and Al Alberts of the Four Seasons. The airmens club was run at the time by Ellen Dalowitz and the Tea Patch was our practice place. I was a regular on the dime slot at the NCO club (Airmen were associate members).

photo of band

Coming back to the states I was at Fort Meade until discharge in late 68. Rode in a Blue Bird Hack many times on what seemed to be a forever and sometimes scary ride down that "hill". Can't believe the base is gone and Linkou is now a city with an expressway. Feel like a part of me is dead. I have plenty more and boxes full of photos......................Jim

Name: Al Fox
City & State: Livonia, MI
Date: 04/23/2016
Time: 13:51
Referred By:
Comments: I was a 202 in the 6987th stationed at JSPC Kadena, Okinawa (JSPC at Torii Station) - 1968-1969 and Shu Linkou Air Station Taiwan 1969-1971, Baker Flight,

Alan Fox - "Hou Li"

Livonia, MI

Name: Alfred L. Potoeski
City & State: Lakewood, WA
Date: 03/24/2016
Time: 22:57
Referred By:
Comments: I was a 293x1 then it was changed to 292x1. Sta at Linkou from 01/1958 thru 11/1961. Spent most of that time working for the NSG det. Did a lot of growing up during that time frame.
Units: Det 1 6925th, 6910th, 6924th, and of course, Linkou. I hit the 7 year limit while statoned in Darmstadt and was sent to the 6940th, San Angelo (my first remote tour). I left command in 12/68 and retrained into the 1st Sgts AFSC.
I put in 30 years and retirred with 19 yrs 3 mos as a 1st Sgt. Secutity service prepared me for that duty.
Would like to be added to your roster. The site is to die for. Brings back good memories. Well done
Personal info. Alfre Potoeski, 29271
Lakewood, WA

Name: Gary Millette
City & State:
Date: 02/29/2016
Time: 18:23
Referred By:
Comments: I was at Shu Linkou from Jan or Feb 1971 to the end of May 1972. I was a 202 and work days in the quality analysis section. Paul Shell was my supervisor. I was downtown the first night I was there and I think I only spent 4 or 5 nights in the dorm during my whole tour. I got an apartment in Jiantan with a girl I met and married and never loooked back. I remember working with Jim Grusecki on creating the plexiglass back screen plotting map. Jim was the force behind this project and did most of the work. I only helped out when I was bored with the day to day work. I also remember Jim convincing me to buy a Datsun 240z. He was on his second one when I arrived there. He smashed up the first one racing up the mountain and I think he had an accident or two with his new one too. I also remember Steve Edwards who worked in the data reduction area with Sam Garafalo. I remember the wheels getting stolen off of Steve's car twice. He said he woke up in the morning and his car was on blocks. He had a Datsun car that was very very similar to the ones the taxi drivers used. I think it was a Datsun 510. I also remember Steve telling me the story about the store that was across the street from his apartment in Jiantan. He had a pellet gun and shot into the rice barrel a couple of times. He said the store owner thought it was a ghost that made his rice jump up in the air. I also remember Herb Bogue who also worked in the day shop. On my second tour in Taiwan down island at CCK in 1974 I remember running into Herb at Sung San airport picking up some new recruits for Shu Linkou. He was then the First Sgt for the 6987th. I think he became a First Sgt so he could stay at Taiwan as long as possible. The military always seemed to want to move people along after they had been at a location too long. If I had my way I would have spent my entire military career in Taiwan.

Name: Dewey R, Williams
City & State: Deland, FL
Date: 01/24/2016
Time: 09:55
Referred By:
Comments: Please add me to the Roster.

I was stationed at the 6987th, Shu Lin Kou, 1963 - 1965 as a 20330/20350. Boyd Worley was my Flight Chief. We worked a rotating shift assignment, 3 days, 3 mids, 3 graveyards, and 2½ days off. Really loved the midnight meals at the mess. Steak, eggs, and potatoes. Yow! This was a most memorable duty, and I recall the time favorably. I attended the Far Eastern Language Institute at Indiana University for my training. Being a Florida native, I got to see my first snow in Bloomington. Saw more than I wanted. My memory, after a recent stroke, is a little fuzzy on my classmates at IU, but I remember some names and faces attending IU with me. Master Sergeant Alsobrook, who took time to train a few of us in the art of Sho Du Kan Karate at Goodfellow. Then there was Mike Underwood, David Suing, John Leonard, David Trickett, Tom Ford, and a few more whose names escape me at this time.

If only I could go back to those times.....

Name: Richard Wire
City & State:
Date: 11/29/2015
Time: 23:37
Referred By:
Comments: My name is Richard Wire. My AFSC was 203 (208). I don't remember what flight I was on but in 1976, it was Richard Arent's flight (he was NCOIC of that flight.)

Name: John Ortis
City & State:
Date: 11/26/2015
Time: 15:22
Referred By:
Comments: Stationed at Shu Lin Kou Jan '70 to Apr '71, I was an X1 on Able Flight. Had previously served at the 6917th (San Vito) from 1/68 to 5/69, then got cross trained as an X2 at Goodfellow. Went to the 6993rd at Kelly but chose to go to Lin Kou rather than tolerate the boredom of the 93rd.

Found the site purely by accident - happened to think about the guys I served with and let Google do the rest. Amazing what shit falls out of the sky. Had great friends while at Lin Kou, ran town like a wild man, and parts of me hated to leave. However, was ready to get back to the world and move on. Have browsed the site and saw familiar faces and places.

Please add me to the Roster - hoping to reconnect with friends of long ago. Always thought I'd want to revisit Lin Kou, Taipei, etc. but warrants may still be outstanding from stuff I did and things I broke.

Give me a shout, somebody, anybody.

Name: Larry Anderson
City & State: Rocky Mount, VA
Date: 10/19/2015
Time: 19:36
Referred By:
Comments: Stationed at Shu Lin Kou Jan '75 to Jan '77, 64550 in Base Supply. Enjoyed working and living with the locals. Coached women's base softball and basketball. Thanks to talented players, we won both titles. Left just when the new AFNT station was getting going, but could not stop delivery of the new incinerator. Great bunch of folks from all services. The passing of Gemo sure slowed down the action on the island for a few days.

I was a SSgt then, and retired as a MSgt, Also knew folks like CMS Harold (Top) Wolder, Dean Goglin, Ray Money (Finance), Charlie Milsap and the members of the band that played at the NCO club . Hope knowing Ray and Charlie don't get me black-balled.

Also lived a house in Tien Mou, just past the tree. Was there on an accompanied tour, and my then wife played on both the basketbal and softball teams (pitcher).

Name: Neal D. Novotny
City & State: Foster City, CA
Date: 10/10/2015
Time: 21:36
Referred By: no one (served at Shu Linkou 1971 to 1973
Comments: Hello everyone. Glad to have found this site.

I would like to be listed in your roster. I served at Shu Lin Kou from April, 1971 to April, 1973 and really enjoyed my time there. I was Chinese Mandarin linguist on Able flight the whole time.

I remember some of the people on this list, and see a couple people with whom I played sports on the Devil Dog base teams: football - with Denzel (Denny) J Sells [+Doc Blaser, Charlie Porter, Andy Wells, Ron Robbins, Mike Noe, Paul Redhead, Jackie Sharp, etc.], island-wide champs '71 + '72.

Fast pitch softball -- with Sam T Hargrave [+Ken Dick, Dale Day, Arnie Hayes, Jerry Richardson, John Clarson, etc.] league champs '72.
Please let me know if there is anything else I need to door if there's more information I should provide.

Thank You,
Neal Novotny
Foster City, CA | ph. 408-916-7630 | nnovotny@gmail.com
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/nnovotny

Name: Brian McBride
City & State:
Date: 10/04//2015
Time: 18:29
Referred By:
Comments: I would like to be listed in your roster. I served at SLK from Feb 1971 to Jan. 1 1972. I was Vietnamese linguist on Baker flight the whole time. I was cut short to be sent to NKP Thailand. I didn't realize what good duty I had until I spent a yrar at NKP. Since it was against regs for single airmen to live off base I didn't but I frequently stayed downtown in a friendly apt. Nights at the Flamingo Club or the 63 club. Last night was New Year's Eve. Almost missed flight and couldn't change contacts. After that I couldn't wear contacts ever again.

Name: Joe Jacobson
City & State: Apache Junction, AZ
Date: 09/21//2015
Time: 09:08
Referred By:
Comments: I was at Linkou from 08/60 to 12/61. Got home on leave a day after the holidays. In those times, if one extended over there, you could raise in rank to E-4, staff. Also they were looking for volunteers to go further east for 6 months, but didn't tell you where? Imagine it was Viet Nam as it turns out. Anyway I went back to the states and finished out at Kelly AFB until discharge in 09/62. Went back to Minnesota after my service time. Looking back all these years later, staying for 20 wouldn't have been a bad idea with the cost of health insurance and all and also the retirement income. I remember the Linkou Beautification program ( helped plant trees on days off as mandated) and talked about on the web site and also some other discussions about happepnings during that time. I don't remember the number of my flight assignment and only in the last couple of years, shredded all my travel orders. Prior to Linkou, I was in Pakistan from 07/59 to 07/60 and of course became Airman First Class for volunteering to go to Taiwan. We currently live in Apache Junction, AZ.

Name: Robert E. Hale
City & State: Howe, TX
Date: 09/10//2015
Time: 11:19
Referred By:
Comments: Good Morning. My name is Robert E. Hale. I served at Link'ou from February of 1966 to May of 1967 and again from May of 1968 to July of 1970. I was a Staff Sergeant 20270 specializing in bombers/transports. I worked shift work. During my first tour I believe I was assigned to Delta Flight and during my second tour to Charlie Flight. During my second tour I also worked on Special Projects and Operations. My flight NCOIC was Master Sergeant Fred Sweetman. Beyond that I can't remember anything to share except for specific incidents, which I'm assuming are still classified.

I enlisted at Providence, Rhode Island. I currently live in Howe, Texas.

I would also like to know where I can find out information regarding unit awards that were given to the 6987th during my times there.

Please reply to let me know you've received this.
Thank you.

Bob Hale.

Name: Larry Sullivan
City & State: Baytown, TX
Date: 08/10/2015
Time: 13:30
Referred By:
Comments: I was a 20351 with the 6987th RSM from October 1959 through February 1961. Arrived on the heels of a typhoon in a MAC-chartered DC-6 with the right inboard engine dead for the last few hours of the trip from clark AFB to Taipei. It was pouring rain and the staff car they sent to pick me up had the right-front vent pane broken out. We left the city and headed up a paved road - and then made a right turn and drove through the river bed (the bnridge was not finished.) They dropped me off at the barracks, which turned out to be a quonset hut, and I thought I was in for 15 months of misery. Boy, was I wrong. The photos bring back a lot of fond memories. I was discharged when I went back to "the land of the big PX" and put in a couple years of college, then got married and re-enlisted (in that order.) Ended up with a tour with the 6937th RSM in Peshawar - and that lived up to my original expectations of the Taiwan tour. However, since there wasn't much to do in Peshawar when off-shift, I managed to qualify for the AECP, which got me a BS degree from Oklahoma State and a shiny brass bar on my shoulder. Put in 15 more years, with tours at Ft. Meade, Kirtland AFB and Cape Kennedy and retired as a Major. 23 years in all, almost all of them serving with good people, doing interesting work.

Name: Pat Kirol
City & State: Washington
Date: 08/04/2015
Time: 17:26
Referred By:
Comments: Hi. I was at Linkou (1966-1969 worked swings in the analysis shop, then baker flt 202, then training nco 20250, then Air Police then supply).

Went to Taiwan in 1966 after some leave time at home. Had to fly a C121 from the East Coast to Seattle. The backwards seats messed up my sense of direction for years. I was like a compass turned into a blob of inneffective directionless iron filings.

I enjoy your web site and realy liked the job at Lin Kou. I went to college ( majored in Asian Studies and Chinese) after my tour in Taiwan, then Joined the Army, stationed in Korea, then Ft. Bragg, then went to Korea as a International Relations Specialist, now retired living in Washington State.

Pat Kirol

Name: John Lieberman
City & State: Shreveport, LA
Date: 07/28/2015
Time: 02:30
Referred By:
Comments: Please add me to your Personnel Roster. I was stationed at Shu Lin Kou in 1972-73 as a Morse Systems Operator (292xx and then 207xx) and was assigned to Able Flight

I was transferred to the 6987th when the 6918th at Hakata, Japan, closed. I lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Tien Mou with my then-wife. My former barracks-mate from my first few months at Hakata, Frank "Smitty" Smith, "rented" our second bedroom. From the 6987th, I went to the 6993rd in San Antonio and then got out of the Air Force in 1974 to begin what turned out to be a 41-year career in radio news, using the air name of "John Lee." I retired from radio September 15, 2014. I'm currently living in Shreveport, LA, where I've been since June of 1977.

John Lieberman

Name: Denzel J. Sells
City & State: Wyle, TX
Date: 07/21/2015
Time: 02:50
Referred By:
Comments: I would like to be added to the personnel roster. I served on LinKou from 9/69 to 3/72 in the security police group. Great tour, married a great girl from there, 44 years now. Have been back to many times to count, always enjoy. I see several people on the list I remember and at least one I played basketball and football with (Sam Dairyko). I currently live in Wyle, Texas.

Name: Gerald "Jerry" Hebert
City & State: Elk Grove, CA
Date: 06/01/2015
Time: 21:22
Referred By: Mike Dick
Comments: Hello and best wishes to all.

I would like to be added to the Personnel roster for the 6987th. Served 2 tours in the Radio Maintenance Section. October 1965 to December 1966 from there I took a consecutive tour to the 6924th. I returned to the hill in October 1973 and served through October 1975. Would go back in a minute. Married a local Taipei girl in 1967 after the Vietnam mistake. We are about to celebrate our 48th anniversary. And they said it wouldn't last! She is still the light of my life.

My first Assignment was to Tuslog Det 3-2 at lovely Samsun Turkey and a good friend (Jerry Falls) and I took consecutive tours to the 6910th at Darmstadt. I did not know beer could be so good!

I have returned several times to Taiwan and the place is beyond belief! Traffic is relatively civilized and the Public Transportation puts us to shame. The High speed rail is great, but I don't think I would care to be a rider during an earthquake.

Name: Lawrence "Larry" Marsala
City & State: Phoenix, AZ
Date: 05/30/2015
Time: 15:44
Referred By:
Comments: Greetings,

Please put me in the roster...
30454 Ground Radio Electronics. I was trained on one of those "special" pieces of equipment there. I went where the equipment went. So When the mission moved I followed it the the Philippines, then they moved it to Osan and I went there.

Osan gave me a choice I could "volunteer" for the remote or get sent on a TDY of a undisclosed length "ie forever". In any case I was going so I volunteered for the remote and got base of preference far after the assignment. Since my equipment mission was "special" all the rules could be over ridden because it was mission essential.
I had lots of fun at the shooting matches at the Rod and Gun club. Shoot skeet and lots of practice with my 30.06. We had great awards parties in Beitou.


I worked rotating shift schedule so worked with all flights.
I am now in Phoenix arizona. Today I am using all that great training to hunt illegal poachers and help non profits like Sea Shepherd as Comms Officer.

Thanks to all who served Freedom Thru Vigilance.

Name: Don Steltz
City & State:
Date: 05/23/2015
Time: 21:14
Referred By:
Comments: I was TDY to the 6987th a number of times while assigned to 6922 in Okinawa in 1963-64. I was A2C, 64650, Unit Supply, working on upgrading the warehouse. Every time I was there I was amazed by the Food served in the Mess Hall. I had never seen steak and lobster served in an AF Mess. I was also assigned to the 6908th NKP, Materiel Control 1973-74 and 6993rd Kelly AB as 1st Sgt, 1974-1978.

Don Steltz, SMSgt (Ret) USAF

Name: Larry Sommers
City & State: Madison, WI
Date: 05/10/2015
Time: 20:34
Referred By:
Comments: Hello

I would like to be added to your Personnel Roster. I served at Shu Linkou AS with the 6987th Scty Gp April, 1967 to April, 1968. Was a 20351MB, in the RT section of Baker light. Our section leader was SSgt. Al Brown. I have many fond memories of service on Taiwan. Went from there to the 6990th on Okinawa, on airborne status.

I remember a few of the guys listed on the Personnel Roster. Dixe Dugan (RIP) and Bob Gee, among others. I notice Ed Flashpoehler, with whom I later served on Okinawa, served in the 6987th three or four years beore I was there.

Wishing happy memories and smooth sailing to my fellow USAFFS alumni worldwide.

Larry Sommers
438 Hilltop Drive
Madison, WI 53711-1212


Name: Mike Dick
City & State: Knob Noster, MO
Date: 04/11/2015
Time: 19:07
Referred By:
Comments: I would like to be added to the Personnel Roster.

I've attached the only document I can find that would attest to most of my time at Linkou (I was actually there from Feb 72 to May 74). My DD214 was issued 18 years after SLKAS so that doesn't include anything related to the 6987th.

I was the radio maintenance tech on Able Flight from April of 72 until February of 1974.

I currently reside in Knob Noster, MO (right next to Whiteman AFB, home to the B-2).


Mike Dick, SMSgt, USAF, Ret.

Name: Lynn Moore
City & State: Lockhart, TX
Date: 04/01/2015
Time: 00:14
Referred By:
Comments: My name is carroll l. moore.
i served at shu lin kou from 69 to 71 for 15 months. i was a 292x1 ditty-bopper. i was on baker flt.
i came from onna point, okinawa where i was with charlie flt.
i served with jose "joe" talamantes.
can i be added to your list ?
I live in lockart, texas.

thank you.

Name: Jim Cole
City & State: Salina, KS
Date: 03/24/2015
Time: 23:21
Referred By:
Comments: I would like to be added to your guest book. I was at SLK from 9/72 to 12/73. X1 on baker flight. Married and lived in Tin mu (sp). thank you for the web site and the posting in guest book.

Jim cole Salina Ks. jandecole@sbcglobal.net

Name: Donald Curtis
City & State: Indianapolis, IN
Date: 03/18/2015
Time: 14:49
Referred By:
Comments: I would like to be included on your website personnel roster. I served with the 6987 RSM at Shulinkou AB , Taiwan from January 1959 to May 1960. I'm attaching copies of my 2 DD214s (one for each enlistment) If you require anything further, Just let me know by return email to don221b@yahoo.com

Don Curtis
7305 Whitehall Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46256
Ph. (317) 408-1444

Name: Earl Key
City & State:
Date: 03/09/2015
Time: 17:02
Referred By:
Comments: Earl Key 291

69-70 Tdy to Vietnam to help set up Det, we were hit by a typhoon

Was stationed in Peshwar, Good fellow, Athens and HqUsafss in San Antonio

Name: Francis Vitagliano
City & State: Chesnut Hill, MA
Date: 03/05/2015
Time: 15:36
Referred By:
Comments: Greetings:

I wanted to add my name to the 6987th personnel list. I was a graduate of MAFAC in 1970 and was stationed at Shu Lin Kou in 1970-1971. Colonel O. D. Graham was the base commander and his assistant was Captain Molidor. Adrian Misarti and Sandy Randt (both 203's) were at Shu Lin Kou at the same time. After Taipei I was stationed at NSA.


Francis M. Vitagliano
Visiting Scholar
Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

Name: Garie O'Brien
City & State: Ames, IA
Date: 02/27/2015
Time: 02:11
Referred By:
Comments: Hi people, My name is Garie O'Brien AKA "Obie." I was stationed @ Shu Lin Kou from 12-66 to 3-68. I was a 294 Telemetry Analyst and worked all shifts on a rotation schedule. Due to the nature of my job description I didn't work much, there wasn't a slot for me and I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I spent most of this time downtown and exploring the Island. I maybe slept on base for a month total. I lived in Ghintan on the river with my Chinese girlfriend for the last year. I loved the country and the people and have wanted to go back for the past 47 years. I tried to get discharged there but was refused. The brass said I had too much intelligence in my head and was at great risk of being compromised--LAME!

I now live in Ames, Iowa @ 1308 Idaho Ave. 50014. Phone #515-953-8863 and would love to hear from any of you!

Name: Leonard Shults
City & State: Montgomery, AL
Date: 02/14/2015
Time: 19:31
Referred By:
Comments: What a great surprise to be looking over my facebook items and suddenly hit upon this outstanding website.

I was stationed at Shu Lin Kou Air Station May 1960 to Sept. 1961, I was a E-4 A1C, 57150, Fire Fighter. I was in the fire station on 24 hour shifts. I and the SSgt fire chief, were the only two cleared to go into the compound for inspections and in case of fire. I was promoted and became the station fire chief.

The base was rather small at this time. The movie theater was next to us toward the main gate. The mess hall was the other way about a block away, it was at that time a great building. My friend Jesse Root, SSgt. was the mess Sgt. Jerry Brophy, SSgt. was our medic, Jerry was from my home town, Charlotte, Michigan. The barracks were quonset huts, made of metal with lots of windows. I became the theater manager and still served as fire chief. I had a chinese who made the popcorn and even ran the projectors. We had two movies a night, one at 7 and one at midnight, for the shift workers in the compound who ate mid chow then went to the movies.

The swimming pool was behind the Chapel, and between that and the NCO Club, which if you were old enough you could go to.

The trip to Taipei city took about an hour, down that curvy road, in a bus with no air conditioning. In the summer the last mile was thru the rice paddies and in July it was hard to breathe.

I appreciate the website, and hope I can make contact with some of the other support people, and maybe arrange a reunion. Thank you.

Leonard Shults, SMSgt, USAF Retired. 334-273-9804 cell: 334-868-9115

Name: Daniel E. Toloso
City & State: Fair Play, MD
Date: 12/18/2014
Time: 13:56
Referred By:
Comments: I have been to this site in the past but evidently never signed up.

I served in LGM from July 1970 to June 1972. I was a 363X0 at the time. I live in Fairplay Maryland but hail from Paterson NJ. I worked primarily days, but since we were maintenance, i changed shifts severak times. My primary e-mail is dtoloso@gmail.com

Daniel E. Toloso
USAF Aoruk 1965 to May 1987

Name: David JS Blackmer
City & State: St. Petersburg, FL
Date: 10/23/2014
Time: 00:57
Referred By:
Comments: A1C David JS Blackmer - Morse Intercept Operator 29251

Basic and tech school 1956. 1st overseas asgn Ashia AB Japan 6922RGM Oct 1957 then to the 6918RSM Brady AB until Sept 1958. Served at the 6987th Linkou from Oct 1959 to Jan 1961 (TDY to 5th RRUP Bangkok from Jul 1960 to Dec 1960 initial deployment). Continuous service date Aug 1956 till Feb 1988. Retired out of USCENTCOM MacDill as a CMSGT (E9) AFSC 27400 additional duty Senior Enlisted Advisor to the CINC. Almost 32 years service (Loved them).

Then I got a BS in professional aviation and then a Master of Aeronautical Science and went to work for the VA. Stayed with them in the adjudication division from 1990 until 2003. Fully retired now. My wife (Eileen) and I reside in St. Petersburg, FL. I used to run with Kevin Scullen. good memories.

Name: Ken Becht
City & State:
Date: 10/10/2014
Time: 05:52
Referred By:
Comments: My first assignment out of tech school. Amazing Chow hall. Played basketball on base team with Herman Kramer, Jerry Higgins, Danny Wilkins, Clutch et al.. Great assignment & quality people. Col. Henry was base commander. kenbecht@yahoo.com

Name: Ken Becht
City & State:
Date: 10/10/2014
Time: 05:41
Referred By:
Comments: AFSC 67153 1967/68. Great assignment. Quality people. Best chowhall in all the military. Played basketball on base team. "Magnificent 7." Herman Kramer, Jerry Higgins, Danny Wilkins, Clutch et all.
Ken Becht

Name: Chaz Paraskevas
City & State:
Date: 09/26/2014
Time: 01:06
Referred By:

Comments: Greetings... I was stationed on the "hill" from 1972 until 1975. I have many fond memories of friends that I made while stationed there. Unfortunately, I can't remember most of their names. We had many great times and I especially remember the times we took the long ride on the bus back to the base buzzed or with a wicked hangover!!! I can't imagine a better place to be stationed. A small intimate base, great food and most of those stationed there were great company. As a young 19 year old you can imagine what running the bars and getting to know the girls was like. Anyway, I always wanted to return to Taipai for a visit, but it has changed so much. Anyway glad to see a site dedicated to the memory of the base.
Chaz Paraskevas
USAF Maintenance(electrical)

Name: Terry
City & State:
Date: 08/11/2014
Time: 04:09
Referred By:

Comments: Greeting I stumbled across this site About Shu Linkou while searcing for something tonight and thought I'd just drop a line. I was a member of the first Marine Detachment assigned to the Naval Security Group Activity, Taiwan from June-December, 1972. There were 15 of us that were on TAD (TDY) from First Radio Battalion, Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific, Kanehoe, Hawaii.

I remember that it was strange for me being on an Air Force Station, but must admit that once the word got out that we weren't there to steal everyone's beer and women, we were welcomed into your "family" as good friends. I especially enjoyed visiting your NCO club (open 24 hours) to just pass the time away in various ways, not to just get "snockered" or drink away the time.

I took my first college course through the University of Maryland there, which led to a later commission and college degree. I also learned how to run up and down the mountain to get back into shape after experiencing an emergency appendectomy shortly after my arrival.

I could go on and on, but I won't. If anyone reading this remembers me, please accept my heartfelt thanks for the small base's huge hosptiality.



Name: Alexander (Al) Izzo (Nickname "Yogi Bear")
City & State: Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Date: 05/29/2014
Time: 10:47
Referred By: Ron "Spike" Fuller

Comments: Al "Yogi Bear" Izzo
A1C, 20250, 1962 Day Shop, 1963 Charlie Trick TDY fm 6988th Yokota, Japan

2 years at 6901st SCG, Zwiebrucken, Germany prior to assignment at Shu Linkou, Taiwan. Retired and living in Henderson, NV. Hung around with my best buddy Spike Fuller both in Germany and at Shu Linkou. We still keep in touch. Had a great time in Taiwan. Will always remember typhoon "Amy" in I think May 1962. Did a lot of damage in Taipei!

USAFSS, is the best. We did our job well !

Name: Ron "Spike" Fuller
City & State: Mesa, AZ
Date: 04/24/2014
Time: 10:38
Referred By:

Comments: Ron "Spike" Fuller A1C AF27373719, 20250, 1962 - day shop, 1963 - Dawg trick tdy fm 6988th @ Yokota Japan

3 yrs @ 6901st SCG @Zweibrucken, Germany prior to Shu Linkou, Taiwan. Spent 44 yrs San Diego, retired now @ Mesa, AZ. Great website, please include me on personnel roster. Taiwan = Best Mess AND Best assignment in my 5 yrs served.

Also, USAFSS personnel are the best group that I have met in my visits to 40 countries, and 44 states.

Name: William (Bill) Wallace
City & State: San Antonio, TX
Date: 02/07/2014
Time: 23:24
Referred By:

Comments: My name is William (Bill) Wallace. Was A1C (Sgt) and served from June 65 to Sep 66 as 292. Email is combatspook@gmail.com. Live 9947 Fall Harvest San Antonio, Tx 78254. TDY in 65 to Udorn, Thailand ans was one of original AF members to open that site.

Name: Lifong Liu
City & State:
Date: 01/18/2014
Time: 00:18
Referred By:

Comments: Request of historical map of Taipei. My name is Lifong Liu and lived and educated in Taipei, Taiwan. I am looking for some old maps of Taipei (40's to 70's), do you know any sites? Thank you.

Name: Stephen R Mohr
City & State: Hurst, TX
Date: 12/26/2013
Time: 13:16
Referred By:

Comments: Hello fellow Ditty Boppers, etc.... I was allowed the pleasure of a one year stay at Lovely Shu Lin Kou Air Station During 1974 and 1975. To think I wanted to get back to "The Real World". Boy was I young and dumb.
Some fond memories still exist, and stick In my mind. The Lin Kou club downtown, the membership nights at the club on base. How did the strippers always con a "lifer" into dancing on stage with them so they could get kneed below the belt. That always amazed me.
I was on Charlie Flight, and believe the time frame was from around April of 74 till May of 75
Morse Intercept Operator - 20750?
I would love to hear from anyone who may have been there during this time.
I was wishing I still had my cap from there.
I loved the American flag on one side, the Taiwan flag on the other, the 6987th patch on the front, and of course the devil dog on the back with Chinese and American name.
Stephen R. Moore
1348 Harrison Lane, Hurst, TX

Name: Randy (aka Curly) Robinson
City & State: Moore, OK
Date: 12/10/2013
Time: 22:02
Referred By:

Comments: Dates at SLK: December 29, 1972 to Decembers ?, 1974
I was a 292X1/207X1 (Ditty Bop) on Dawg Flight. Shu Linkou had to have been the best assignment in my Air Force career. Retired 1 May 1992 and have been a high school AFJROTC Aerospace Science Instructor ever since. I've been wearing a "blue suit" for over 41 years now.
Thanks! "Curly"

Name: Micheal Smaha (Sam)
City & State: Keelung, Taiwan
Date: 12/08/2013
Time: 09:35
Referred By:

Comments: Please add my name to the 6987th Alumni Roster
Micheal Smaha (Sam)
Keelung, Taiwan
AFSC 292
Able (Animals) flight

Name: Ditty Bopper
City & State:
Date: 11/26/2013
Time: 11:03
Referred By:

Comments: Just saw a post in the 6937th Alumni Association about 6987 have reunion jan 2014, good looking site.....saw on the roster one of my roomates from Peshawar, Pakistan....Tom Fallon......good guy...we haven figured out what he's good for..JKJKJK. THANKS for your service and keep up good work.

Name: Lloyd Dunn
City & State: Captain Cook, HI
Date: 10/11/2013
Time: 18:02
Referred By:

Comments: I served at Linkou on Charlie Flight from Jan 67 thruMar 68. as a 292 (morse intercept). Currently living in Captain Cook, Hawaii. Thanks for posting.

Lloyd Dunn

Name: Anthony Beckman
City & State:
Date: 10/04/2013
Time: 17:04
Referred By:

Comments: I served in the 6987th RSM (Shu Lin-kou) in Taiwan as a Chinese linguist in 1958, 1959, and 1960. Part of that tour included service in Detachment #1 at the Joint Operations Center in Taipei associated with the 13th Air Force. Here is my personal information.

Anthony F Beckman
Years of Service: 1957 - 1972

Taiwan Service: 1958 - 1961

After Taiwan, I served 4 years as an instructor at Goodfellow AFB. After 8 years of active duty, I then received an assignment to Da Nang, Vietnam while I was up for re-enlistment, but refused the re-en listment and was discharged. The duty at Da Nang would seem to have been a total waste for a Chinese linguist.

Hello to all my comrads from Taiwan and GAFB.

Tony BecKman, SSG, USAF

Name: Doug Brown
City & State: Round Rock, TX
Date: 09/28/2013
Time: 20:01
Referred By:

Comments: I haven't visited the 6987th website in awhile but I do recall that my info at one time appeared on the roster. I was a 203-2 (Chinese) assigned to Link'ou from '65-'66. I attended basic Chinese at IFEL in 1960 and intermediate in 64. At Link'ou I worked in what was then called "P-5". I would appreciate your adding my info to the roster. If you have any further questions, please email me.
Thank you
Doug Brown
Round Rock, TX
6987th 65-66

Name: Tom Fallon
City & State:
Date: 09/28/2013
Time: 13:14
Referred By:

Comments: Please add me to the roster. Tom Fallon, 203, Linkou from 1964 to 1966 Tks.

Name: Mike Slavens
City & State: San Mateo, CA
Date: 09/10/2013
Time: 11:25
Referred By:

Comments: Yogi:

Paul Flannery, Dave Cain, Jack Lyons, Pourcher and I volunteered to go to lin-Kou from Clark AFB after spending 3 mos in the P. I. - that was in the summer of 1957.

The tour was 15 mos, but that was extened when the fake crisis occurred over Kin-Min and Matsu to 18 mos. At that time some of the others, Paul and Dave, Cliff Koppleman and Marty Danbrott opted for Germany - Poucher, Bill Bush, and Ed Bocklage and I did another tour in Taiwan.

I married my high school girlfriend in Taipei, the Lin-Kou Chaplain married us, and my daughter, Lynda was born in the MAAG compound hospital - we left for home in 1960.

I now live in San Mateo, CA -when we first arrived at Lin-Kou the road to Taipei was not paved, we rode to town in six-by's covered with red dust - the old Japanese barracks had been kind of renovated so troops were moved out of tents and into them - work crews were called 'tricks' and we worked a three on three off shift - we shared the place with the ASA who had a real E. M. club, which we used as well as our own tiny one room Airmen's club with one dime slot machine and a jukebox - Oh, Bill Buckholtz brought his wife Peach over, and the two of them lived in an apt upstairs from my wife and I. Bill had a red motor scooter and we had some great times at club 63 - Bill stayed in, became a full colonel and retired, now lives in San Antonio. those were the days my friend.

Name: James R. McCaulla, Jr.
City & State: Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 09/03/2013
Time: 13:17
Referred By:

Comments: My name is James R (Mac) McCaulla, Jr. I live in Taipei, Taiwan. I served at SLK, Taiwan from 7/1969 to 7/1971. My AFSC was 203x1. I worked on Able Flight. Please add me to your Personnel Roster and Mailing List. Thanks,

James R.McCaulla, Jr.

Name: Bill L. Tidwell
City & State: Garland, TX
Date: 08/14/2013
Time: 2247
Referred By:

Comments: My name is Bill L Tidwell and I was assigned to the 6987th from June 1962 until Sept 1963 as a Cryptographic Operator. My current city is Garland, Texas.
Thank you

Bill Larry Tidwell

Name: Laura Hall
City & State:
Date: 08/09/2013
Time: 0941
Referred By:

Comments: My father, Dr. Russell R. Lunstrum, Jr., was Chief of Keesler's Eye Clinic at the hospital for 30 years. My brother (killed by a drunk driver) was adopted while we were stationed at Keesler. The story was that his birth father was an international student (Iranian??) there for pilot training. I know the birth father would have been at Keesler in October of 1958 as my brother was born June 6, 1959. I was wondering if the pilots there for training went through the Morse training too or if it was another group. Also...what bases or countries did these international pilots come from at that time? Are there pictures of the pilots like there is for the Morse school? My brother has a son who wants to know what his genetic background is and is the reason that I am trying to find out any history or information I can. Please email me at lhall@elp.rr.com if you can clear any of this up for me! Thanks!

Name: S. Taylor
City & State:
Date: 08/04/2013
Time: 17:01
Referred By:

Comments: I, too, was stationed at Shu Linkou during the 1962-63 time frame. Lots of fond memories pour from the pages of your site. I was not assigned directly to the 6987th, but was assigned to the Comm Squadron in a support role (AFCS). I even found a photo of Frank Hopkins and I in the photo album section. What a coincident!
Would love to contact Frank as our careers almost parallel each other. How may I contact him? Great site!

Name: Rick "Lambo" Wargo
City & State: Douglasville, GA
Date: 07/30/2013
Time: 22:15
Referred By: Google Search

Comments: At Shu Linkou from Oct 70 to Feb 72 as a 202 Able Flight richardwargo@gmail.com

Name: Ed Bohannon
City & State: Bluffton, SC
Date: 06/30/2013
Time: 14:055
Referred By:

Comments: You are fantastic!!! I enjoy this site so much. It has been 50 years since I was stationed at Linkou.

Name: Ed Larsen
City & State: Lakewood, WA
Date: 07/09/2013
Time: 01:43
Referred By:

Comments: My name is Ed Larsen (USAFSS) and I was at Shu Linkou from March, 1967 to June, 1968. I would like to be added to the personnel roster. My e-mail is edwinlarsen@yahoo.com. I currently live in Lakewood, WA. Thanks, great site.

Name: Frank (Tex) Hopkins
City & State: Hughes Springs, TX
Date: 06/14/2013
Time: 00:08
Referred By: self

Comments: My name is Frank (Tex) Hopkins. Arrived at ShuLinkou May, 1962. Worked as an Air Policeman on the main gate until Oct 1962. When my clearance came thru I was reassigned to the communications center and worked as a 29150 on Dawg Shift. My supervisor was SSgt Lavern (Steve) Brady. I left ShuLinkou Aug, 1963. Was reassigned to the Pentagon. Spent 20 years in Air Force and retired 1982 as Senior Master Sergeant.

Name: Ron Arnold
City & State: Louisville, KY
Date: 06/03/2013
Time: 12:38
Referred By:

Comments: I served 15 months in the 6987th from October 1966 to December 1967 I was in B squad I currently live in Louisville, KY

Name: Jim Valkwitch
City & State: Buffalo, NY
Date: 05/29/2013
Time: 16:57
Referred By: Google Search for 6987th USAFSS

Comments:I was with Naval Security Group at Shu Linkou from Feb '71 to Mar '72 and then at H. S. A. downtown Taipei until July '72. You have a great website, I enjoy your photos from the early 1960's, things changed a lot by the time I got there in 1971. I have been back to Taiwan three times since my tour (1977, 1983, and 2011). Photos from my trip are here: http://s1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc494/JimValk/?albumview=slideshow


Name: Stephen K Tucker
City & State: Lincoln, RI
Date: 04/30/2013
Time: 11:36
Referred By:
Comments: Served at shu lin kou January 1973 thru april 1974. I was assigned to Special Service which included the gymnasium, hobby shop, recreation Hall and supply.

Name: Robert Arnold
City & State: Atascocita, TX
Date: 04/06/2013
Time: 20:42
Referred By:
Comments: Add me to the roster please Robert Arnold 207x2 Flights Apr 74 thru June 75 Atascocita, TX

Name: Daniel W. Reid
City & State:
Date: 03/17/2013
Time: 17:09
Referred By:
Comments: SSgt aka Giantman. 202 Day Shop Charlie Flight 1972-73

Name: Ralph Cox
City & State: Ellijay, GA
Date: 03/04/2013
Time: 16:13
Referred By:
Comments: I served in the 6987th 3/66-6/67 AFSC 40150 (typewriter repair) day shift.

Name: Wendt, Jack
City & State: Brookings, OR
Date: 03/03/2013
Time: 01:20
Referred By:
Comments: I was stationed at the 6987th Security Group from July 1970 to October 1972. Arrived as a A1C, left as a Sergeant (E-4).

Was assigned to the Day Shop (Day Lady) for the entire 27 months I was at Shu Lin Kou.

When I first arrived I resided in Barracks 257, Room 103 from July 1970 to December 1970.

I arranged to have my wife join me in December 1970, we lived in an apartment at 11-144 Fu Hsin Lee, Shih Pei, Taipei, Taiwan until June, 1971. We then moved up the street to 11-90 Fu Hsin Lee, until September, 1972. For the last couple of weeks in Taiwan we were in the Aloha Guest House in downtown Taipei, across the street from the Headquarters Support Activity (HSA Compound).

Last assignment was 6981st SG at Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, Alaska, was on Baker Flight for three (3) years. Currently Reside in Brookings, Oregon.

Name: Stackhouse, Neil
City & State: Wind Gap, PA
Date: 02/20/2013
Time: 13:50
Referred By:
Comments: I was at 6987th SS from 1971 to 72, as an analyst on C flight. Sgt (E-4)

Name: Everett "Scotty" Scott
City & State: Seoul, ROK
Date: 01/30/2013
Time: 14:30
Referred By: Dave Burns

Comments: Gary, was at SLK 03/68 - 12/70 (Charlie Flight) and from 06/71 - 10/73 (Baker Flight) - 202, worked for Dave for awhile!
I guess you know Dawg Flight has a site http://shulinkiou.tripod.com/Dawg1.html which would be a good site to reference in your site...both sites together tell a really good and pretty complete story of SLK AS.

Please add me to your mailing list and to your personnel roster.

I'll let you know when we leave Seoul and head for some other place.


Webmaster's Note: External Links to the Dawg Flight Web site are located on our Home Page. In addition, we have two other external links, one to Freedom Through Vigilance Association (FTVA) and the other to Viva USAFSS

Name: Dave Burns
City & State: Lake Monticello, VA
Date: 01/30/2013
Time: 08:30
Referred By: Self

Comments: Was a 202 on Charlie Flight Sep 69 to Dec 70. Later went back and go married. Would like to be added to the roster and receive notifications.

Name: Chuck Andres
City & State: Brooklyn, MI
Date: 01/19/2013
Time: 15:34
Referred By:

Comments:I was stationed at Shulinkou from mid 59 to late 60. I was there when Gary Powers was shot down. I have some pics that I can copy or scan and send them to you if you are interested. I also was a lifeguard at the base pool. I only could put a couple names with the pictures. Sorry it was a long time ago.


Name: Peter
City & State: Munchen
Date: 11/28/2012
Time: 03:38
Referred By: ?

Comments: Great site. We tell everybody about it!!!

Name: Joe Calderon
City & State: Corpus Christi, TX 78412
Date: 11/15/2012
Time: 16:59
Referred By: Self

Comments: I ws a 203, arrived in 1961, did a TDY to Vietnam 1963, on the ground outside of DaNang on Monkey Mountain, returned to Shu Lin kou. Left Taiwan in September 1965.

Name: Alan Sinclair
City & State: Gilbert, AZ
Date: 11/15/2012
Time: 12:31
Referred By: Found by accident

Comments: Served at JSPC with 6970th Support Group Okinawa in 1968. TDY from JSPC to Ramasun station in Spring of 1968. Loved it all.

Name: Chao-Yueh Raymond Wu
City & State: East Lansing, MI/Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 10/05/2012
Time: 15:08
Referred By: https://profiles.google.com/111055233896870587615/photos/5790713741321750929

Comments: I am an international student from Taiwan who just graduated from Michigan State University this summer. I discovered Tom Jones' photo album about his life in Taiwan, I believe he was in the MAAG from 1957-58, there was a link to the "shilinkou air station taiwan" site which lead me here. I was amazed by all the information and pictures and it was great to be able to look at pictures from my parents/grandparents' era and to also learn the history about real life expereiences during that time.

Thank you for all the pictures and infos and stories. It was really nice to have the chance for a younger Taiwanese student to learn the history from that time period and with all the pictures.

Thank you,

Chao-Yueh Raymond Wu
East Lansing, MI
Top of Page

Name: Norman E. Scott
City & State: Fitchburg, MA 01420
Date: 10/03/2012
Time: 12:26
Referred By: Bill Martin

Comments: I was an analyst stationed there from November 1963 until late 1964.
I worked all three shifts. My superviosor was Sgt Petrie

Name: Judy (Tabler) Duer
City & State: Georgetown, TX
Date: 08/17/2012
Time: 23:16
Referred By: Self

Comments: I was stationed at Shu Linkou 1974-75 as a Chinese Linguist. My name at that time was Judy Tabler (maiden name), I was one of the first female Chinese linguists statoned there.

Name: Jim Olson
City & State: Oak Lawn, IL
Date: 08/02/2012
Time: 14:16
Referred By: just surfing

Comments: 6940th Darmstadt Germany---62/63/64 292 Baker Trick 6937th Peshawar, Pakistan-64/65 292 Able Trick

Name: Alvin K. Ashcraft
City & State: Whitehall, AR
Date: 08/02/2012
Time: 08:54
Referred By: David Mitchell

Comments: Grad. of MIO school at Keesler, 10-'65. Assigned 6950th SW RAF Chicksands as X1 on Charlie Trick 1-'66/12-'67. 2TD 6937th CG Peshawar Pak on Dawg Trick 2-'68/5-'69. Retired fro UPRR.

Name: Michael Hutchison
City & State: Orangeville, CA
Date: 07/23/2012
Time: 10:53
Referred By: Gary Knighton

Comments: I was in the Army 66-69, Alaska, two years.

Name: Dave Laupp
City & State: Avondale, AZ
Date: 07/01/2012
Time: 22:16
Referred By: Self

Comments: I was stationed at Shu Lin Kou during 1967-8, Worked Baker Flt.

Name: Bobby J. Alsobrook
City & State: Oklahoma City, OK
Date: 06/28/2012
Time: 14:19
Referred By: Self

Comments: I was stationed at 6987 1966 - 1968. Don't remember thre flight but was NCOIC of OLI at Taibei AS the last part of my assignment

Name: Thomas Aiello
City & State: Milton, PA
Date: 06/02/2012
Time: 12:20
Referred By: n/a

Comments: 202 on Charley Flight Feb 69 to May 70

Name: Paul Harris
City & State: San Pedro, CA
Date: 03/17/2012
Time: 17:23
Referred By: internet search

Comments: 292X1, Jan-Dec 1966, Dawg Flt. ShuLinKou was my first tour out of tech school. AF thought they were doing me a favor by sending me stateside 4 months early. It was punishment. Tried to get back but the best I could do was Okinawa (Onna Pt)

Name: Wachs, Joseph
City & State: Fayetteville, NC
Date: 03/12/2012
Time: 19:22
Referred By: nobody

Comments: Shu Lin Kou from 65-66 & 69-71 worked radio maint. In 69-71 worked Maint. at Hao King.

Name: clifford l. koppelman
City & State: brooklyn, new york
Date: 02/16/2012
Time: 17:13
Referred By: dave cain

Comments: enlisted 10/56. to Radio intercept op.school, keesler, to p.i. 1957,6925,to formosa,6925,changed to 6987 from july '57 to dec. '58 to darmstadt, 6911, left a f septl 60. became working stenographic court reporter, worked free lance and courts, still employed by new york state court system, hold 2 offices, local union president, council of unions secretary. friends, cain, flanner, scorby...

Name: T. Scott Bigelow
City & State: Benton, AR
Date: 02/14/2012
Time: 23:24
Referred By: noone

Comments: I was stationed at Shu Linkou between 71 and 72. Had many great experiences and have a lot of memories. I worked in the teletype maintenance shop. Would love to hear from anyone who was there during that time.

Name: Drew Buehler
City & State: Wausau, WI
Date: 01/04/2012
Time: 20:48
Referred By: 6987 Alumni Assn

Comments: Worked as a 294 at the Hou Keng site from Apr 67 to Jul 68. Had a great time on Taiwan. If I could do it over there is a lot of things I would have done differently though. I'll just say I had too much of a good time while on the island. Great memories and great friends I'll remember always.

Name: Randy Lewis
City & State: St. Augustine, Florida
Date: 12/15/2011
Time: 17:23
Referred By: T-Bone

Comments: I worked the AIT rack from 1977-1979. Played on the Dawg Flight softball team.

Name: Al Buchignani
City & State: Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Date: 11/10/2011
Time: 17:52
Referred By: link from shulinkou site

Comments: I was a 203 Chinese at Linkou mid 60's (I know I was there in 64 and probably part of 63 and 65. I remember big shindig for 10th anniversary. Chinese school at Indiana University in Bloomington. I was in group that was sent TDY to 6988th in Yakota, Japan shortly after the USS Maddox was attacked and went back and forth between Yakota and DaNang. Finished up service as instructor at Goodfellow.

Name: Gary Knighton
City & State: Indian Trail, NC
Date: 10/24/2011
Time: 06:13
Referred By: Self

Comments: The Follwing Post was Copied and Pasted From the USAFSS Roll Call Web Site. If you know this Veteran and Can Assist, Please Notify Me Via the Webmaster Address (webmaster@6987thalumniassociation.org), or Mike Dunne at mikelm09@verizon.net:

Looking for assistance with a brother VN Vet's VA claim. Frank Barry(Vietnamese 203) flew with the 6990th and spent time in DaNang. We need proof of boots on ground for his VA claim. If anyone has orders, travel vouchers, photos, etc., or who can provide a "buddy letter: (affadative that Fran spent time in DaNang) please advise.

Name: Don Dickson
City & State: Aurora, CO
Date: 10/01/2011
Time: 18:45
Referred By: Self

Comments: Charlie Flight from September 67 to December 68. Was a 292 but roomed with two 203's.

Name: Sam T Hargrave
City & State: Winston-Salem, NC
Date: 09/28/2011
Time: 18:21
Referred By: no one was station there 71 thru 74

Comments: wud like to be added to your roster pls email me and let me know how to go about getting on this roster. Played on the softball time for the Devil Dogs.

Name: Vernon Nelson
City & State: Harlingen, TX
Date: 09/01/2011
Time: 21:50
Referred By:

Comments: 203MB at Lin Kou 69 to 71

Name: Bill Clark
City & State: Trumbull, CT
Date: 08/19/2011
Time: 11:01
Referred By: Bill Wood

Comments: Taiwan, Aug 1957 through Oct 1958, Intercept Operator at Linkou. Our unit was the 6925th which became 6987th during my tour of duty. Played basketball on the base team and we won the league in 57-58. Still in contact with several of my associates from the good old days. I am a Life Member of the Badge Of Honor Association and have returned to Taiwan twice, once in 2004 and again in 2008 for the 50 year anniversary of the Aug 23, 1958 bombardment of the outer islands. Our ROC friends treated us like hero's while attending the many functions they held for us. The Taiwanese people are wonderful folks and they did appreciate all we did for them in those trying times.

Name: Bill Wood
City & State: Hephzibah, GA
Date: 08/14/2011
Time: 20:00
Referred By: Yogi

Comments: I arrived at Det 1, 6925th RGM (later changed to 6987th RSM) in August 57...Jumped off the back of a duece and a half and mud splattered in my face....All in all, enjoyed my time at Shu Linkou....Still in contact with some friends made while there...Remained in the AF and retired on 1 Jul '77 with 21 years service...Returned to my hometown, Augusta GA, and worked for the Postal Service for 25 years...

Name: Macario D. Carillo
City & State: Columbia, MD
Date: 08/09/2011
Time: 22:24
Referred By: Dawg Flight

Comments: I served three tours at SLK. 1959-60 and 1961-1962 as a Chinese linguist. 1971-1973 as a Chinese and Vietnamese linquist. Taiwan was my home away from home.

Name: John Doering
City & State: San Jose, CA
Date: 07/11/2011
Time: 17:59
Referred By:

Comments: Greetings all. Served as a linguist in Chinese at ShuLinKou from about April 1962 to about July 1963, after graduating from Yale IFEL in December 1961. Don't remember all that much about the actual military service I performed because I was more attentive to traveling throughout Taiwan, seeing temples, and meeting the people. My wife and I now live in California.

Name: Jerry Bussure (Bra)
City & State: San Antonio, TX
Date: 07/11/2011
Time: 01:14
Referred By:

Comments: This may be a good idea!

PS someone asked me to contact them to share house remodeling ideas, damn if I can remember who it was. Are you out there? If I can't remember who it was what are the chances I will remember how to do any remodeling...............

Name: Bill
City & State: Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 07/10/2011
Time: 06:15
Referred By:

Comments: Hi, I still can't make up my mind if I like Taiwan since I'm still here.

Name: Reb
City & State: Hot Springs, AR
Date: 07/09/2011
Time: 10:31
Referred By:

Comments: Larry (Reb) Kelley here. Served at ShuLinKou from Feb 1962 till June 1963 as 292X1. It is good to be in contact with all of you.

Name: Larry (Reb) Kelley
City & State: Hot Springs, AR
Date: 07/09/2011
Time: 10:19
Referred By:

Comments: Hello Everybody! Reb

Name: Gary Knighton
City & State: Indian Trail, NC
Date: 07/09/2011
Time: 06:41
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Comments: The guestbook posts seem to be coming through wihtout difficulty. I am not "married" to this specific guestbook format. I may experiment with different templates. Thanks guys.

Name: Homer Waring
City & State: San Antonio, TX
Date: 07/08/2011
Time: 23:23
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Comments: Well, I'm here. Hi everyone.

Name: Bo Atherton
City & State: Federal Way, WA
Date: 07/08/2011
Time: 22:04
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Comments: Testing new Guestbook process.
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