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Name: Bill Wood
City & State: Hephzibah, GA
Date: 08/14/2011
Time: 20:00
Referred By: Yogi

Comments: I arrived at Det 1, 6925th RGM (later changed to 6987th RSM) in August 57...Jumped off the back of a duece and a half and mud splattered in my face....All in all, enjoyed my time at Shu Linkou....Still in contact with some friends made while there...Remained in the AF and retired on 1 Jul '77 with 21 years service...Returned to my hometown, Augusta GA, and worked for the Postal Service for 25 years...

Name: Macario D. Carillo
City & State: Columbia, MD
Date: 08/09/2011
Time: 22:24
Referred By: Dawg Flight

Comments: I served three tours at SLK. 1959-60 and 1961-1962 as a Chinese linguist. 1971-1973 as a Chinese and Vietnamese linquist. Taiwan was my home away from home.

Name: John Doering
City & State: San Jose, CA
Date: 07/11/2011
Time: 17:59
Referred By:

Comments: Greetings all. Served as a linguist in Chinese at ShuLinKou from about April 1962 to about July 1963, after graduating from Yale IFEL in December 1961. Don't remember all that much about the actual military service I performed because I was more attentive to traveling throughout Taiwan, seeing temples, and meeting the people. My wife and I now live in California.

Name: Jerry Bussure (Bra)
City & State: San Antonio, TX
Date: 07/11/2011
Time: 01:14
Referred By:

Comments: This may be a good idea!

PS someone asked me to contact them to share house remodeling ideas, damn if I can remember who it was. Are you out there? If I can't remember who it was what are the chances I will remember how to do any remodeling...............

Name: Bill
City & State: Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 07/10/2011
Time: 06:15
Referred By:

Comments: Hi, I still can't make up my mind if I like Taiwan since I'm still here.

Name: Reb
City & State: Hot Springs, AR
Date: 07/09/2011
Time: 10:31
Referred By:

Comments: Larry (Reb) Kelley here. Served at ShuLinKou from Feb 1962 till June 1963 as 292X1. It is good to be in contact with all of you.

Name: Larry (Reb) Kelley
City & State: Hot Springs, AR
Date: 07/09/2011
Time: 10:19
Referred By:

Comments: Hello Everybody! Reb

Name: Gary Knighton
City & State: Indian Trail, NC
Date: 07/09/2011
Time: 06:41
Referred by:

Comments: The guestbook posts seem to be coming through wihtout difficulty. I am not "married" to this specific guestbook format. I may experiment with different templates. Thanks guys.

Name: Homer Waring
City & State: San Antonio, TX
Date: 07/08/2011
Time: 23:23
Referred By:

Comments: Well, I'm here. Hi everyone.

Name: Bo Atherton
City & State: Federal Way, WA
Date: 07/08/2011
Time: 22:04
Referred By:

Comments: Testing new Guestbook process.

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