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MAY 11, 1945 - FEBRUARY 5, 2016

Michael Justman passed away peacefully at home in the early hours of February 5, 2016. He had lived in Brookings for the past 11 years, part of that time as owner of the Abbey Bookshop, which was the continuation of bookstores Mike had operated in Portland, Gresham, Myrtle Creek, and Sacramento, California.

Other careers that interested Mike were Car Salesman and the study of languages. He first studied Hebrew in second grade at the synagogue near his home in Manhattan and later at Valley Stream HIgh School he excelled at French. He studied French Literature at the University of Idaho under Alan Cohen, hoping to be a teacher. The U. S. Air Force found Mike's skills very useful and he learned Chinese and cryptanalysis while serving a four-year hitch during the Vietnam War.

Mike met and married Kathryn Justman in 1971 and they immediately traveled to Alaska to live with native Alaskans and find the Paradigm Shift. Over the early years of their marriage they had four children and 24 addresses. In later years they stopped moving so much and opened their bookstores. Together they joined the boards of two experimental schools and participated in other alternative education school programs.
The two things Mike loved doing the most were books and teaching. Mike's children carry on that love of books and learning. He was very, very proud of their accomplishments.

Mike is survived by his wife and the four children: Rachel Hansen Kiene of Sacramento, Sam Justman of Brookings, JT Justman of Springfield, and Eli Justman of Salem; eight grandchildren, nieces and nephews; and brother Stewart of Missoula, Montana. He is also survived by his daughter from an earlier marriage--Hillary Guggenheim of Aurora, Colorado.

Before his death Mike endowed the Peace Trail Learning Center as his final legacy to bring on the Paradigm Shift and his final answer to the cause of ending all the environmental destruction and these ruinous wars on the Earth.
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