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photo of unknown airman
This photo was taken sometime in the 1962 - 1964 time frame. The man pictured was stationed at Shu Linkou Air Station. He was in the Air Force, but it is not known if he was a part of the USAFSS mission or was there as "support personnel." If you recognize this man, please contact me at webmaster@6987thalumniassociation.org.
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More often than not, we get wrapped up in the daily routines of pursuing careers, raising families, and just living life. We may pause from time to time and think to ourselves, "What ever became of...?" We put away those thoughts only to think about them again years later and sometimes, never.
Memories can fade with time. We might remember working with Dennis Jones, for example, only to find out that the person we worked with is actually David Jones. After so many years, the spelling of a first or last name may escape your memory, a home town or state may be forgotten. For this reason it may be helpful to read over some of your old military orders from your records file. If you don't have your personnel records file from the Air Force, you can obtain a copy (assuming it was not destroyed in a fire) from The National Archives, through their Veterans' Records Department in St. Louis, MO. You may (click here) to go directly to their Web Site. Follow their simple instructions and copies of your Air Force records will be mailed to you.
If you are searching for a friend from the 6987th, we invite you to submit your inquiry for posting here on this page. When submitting your inquiry, please provide as much information as possible on the individual including: Name, Hometown, AFSN and AFSC, Dates of Tour(s) and a photo if available. It is possible that someone visiting our site will recognize the face and/or name and respond with positive information. You may e-mail the above information to Webmaster.
While we are not operating a full Locator service, we may be able to provide you with information that will give you a starting point in your search or info that can assist you in furthering or concluding your search. Keep in mind that in order to post an inquiry, you must be listed on our Personnel Roster. You see, someone might just be out there searching for you also.
If you have information on any of the people shown on this page, please e-mail it to the Webmaster and the information will be passed on to the person making the inquiry. We also ask that if you should locate a person whose name appears here, please let us know and we will delete the inquiry. Thank You.
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Charles Broome silhouette image of charles broome Fred 'Collie' Collinspicture of fred collins Fred Crawford picture of fred crawford Gerald Hedges picture of gerald hedges

Paul S. Hodges picture of paul hodges Sgt. James W. Jones picture of james jones Dan O'Connell picture of dan o'connell

Chuck Roepicture of chuck roe Ron Tribe picture of ron tribe Lonnie Williams picture of lonnie williams (First name unknown) Wurster picture of wurster

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Broome to Hedges
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silhouette image of Charles Broome

Charles Broome-No Image Available

Charles was a Morse Intercept Operator (AFSC 29251) on Trick 3. AFSN is unknown. Home state is believed to be Virginia or North Carolina. His Linkou tour was during the 1961 to 1963 time frame. Estimated year of birth: 1941 to 1942.

Broome to Hedges
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image of fred collins

Fred Collins

Fred was an A1C from the State of New York. His first overseas tour was at the 6925th in the PI, followed by a tour at the 6987th. Fred was active on the base basketball team

Broome to Hedges
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image of Fred Crawford

Fred G. Crawford

A copy of Special Order #G-4 dated 01/07/1963, issued by the 6987th, shows A1C Frederick G. Crawford received the GCM for service between 05/06/1959 to 05/05/1962. AFSN: AF19638310. AFSC Unknown. As an A1C, he was most likely on his 2nd overseas tour at the time he received the GCM. Location of 1st overseas tour is unknown. His Linkou tour is estimated in the 1962-63 time frame. His parents lived in Kent, WA. He was last reported living and working in the state of Washington in the late 1960's. Based on date of enlistment, his year of birth is estimated at 1940-41.

Broome to Hedges
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image of Gerald Hedges

Gerald Hedges

Gerald was previously in the US Navy and had been assigned to Shu Linkou Air Station during his Navy days. He got out of the Navy and then later enlisted again, this time in the Air Force. With the Air Force, he was sent to the 6987th. He was a Morse Intercept Operator (AFSC 29251) on Trick 3. AFSN and hometown are unknown. His Air Force Linkou tour was during 1961-63. His previous Navy tour at Linkou was in the 1959-60 time frame. Estimated year of birth: 1937-40.

Broome to Hedges
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image of paul hodges

Paul S. Hodges

Paul was a Morse Interecept Operator (AFSC 29251) on Trick 3. He was from either southern Illinois or northern Kentucky, maybe even southern Indiana. He graduated from Tech School on July 5, 1960 (class #06010B), and would have arrived at the 6987th some time in August, 1960. He was in the same graduating class as Frank James Bob Johnson, Ron Lesher, Chuck Roe, and Ron Tribe, all of whom were assigned to the 6987th. AFSN unknown and estimated year of birth is 1941.

Hodges to O'connell
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image of James Jones

SSgt James W. Jones

Sgt. Jones came to the 6987th on either his 2nd or 3rd overseas tour. Previous assignments are unknown. He was assigned to Trick 3 as the Manual Morse Controller. AFSN is unknown. His Linkou tour was in 1961-63, and his estimated year of birth is 1938-40.

Hodges to o'connell
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image of dan oconnell

Dan O'Connell

Dan was from the Chicago area. AFSN unknown, AFSC 20251. No information on tours prior or susbsequent to the 6987th. He held the rank of A1C, indicating that he did have at least one previous overseas tour prior to Linkou.

Hodges to Oconnell
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image of chuck roe

Chuck Roe

No details on Chuck at this time

Roe to Wurster
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image of ron tribe

Ron Tribe

Ron was a Morse Intercept Operator on Trick 3. He graduated from Tech School in the same class with Paul Hodges (shown above) and his single tour at the 6987th would have been at the same time as Paul. It is unknown if he served a 2nd overseas tour or whether he returned to the ZI for reassignment. AFSN unknown and home town unknown. Estimated year of birth would be 1940-41

Roe to Wurster
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image of Lonnie Williams

Lonnie Williams

Lonnie was a Morse Intercept Operator (AFSC 29251) on Trick 3. AFSN Unknown. He was from Iowa. He came to the 6987th straight out of Tech School and as far as can be determined, the 6987th was his only USAFSS tour. When he left Linkou he was assigned to Langley AFB, Virginia. His Linkou tour is estimated to have been in the 1962-63 era. His estimated year of birth is 1943.

Roe to Wurster
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image of Wurster


Wurster's first name is lost to memory, but possibly is Frank, and his last name may be spelled Worster. AFSN and AFSC are unknown. Dates of tour range from late 1962 to mid-1963, maybe early 1964. Home town and state is unknown. His rank of A1C may be an indication that he had a previous overseas tour with USAFSS before arriving at the 6987th.

Roe to Wurster
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