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Jim Casserly (L) and Joe Grim (R)photo of jim casserly and joe grim Roger Romanikphoto of roger romanik Sid Jenkinsphoto of sid jenkins Jerry Bussurephoto of gerald bussure
Paul Pettyphoto of paul petty Paul Petty (L) and Jerry Bussure (R)photo of paul petty and gerald bussure Bob Athertonphoto of bob atherton Street Scene Outside of Taipeiphoto of a street scene outside Taipei
Paul Petty (L) and Jerry Bussurephoto of paul petty and gerald bussure Marty Bannonphoto of marty bannon Paul Pettyphoto of paul petty Carl Ginnphoto of carl ginn
Wurster (first name unknown)photo of wurster Jerry Bussure (middle) with Bob and Lucy Athertonphoto of gerald bussure with bob and lucy atherton Taipei Street Scenephoto of a Taipei street scene The Infamous Winding Road Up The Mountainphoto of winding mountain road
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