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(L to R)Larry Kelley, Gene Chambers, Ron Loftinphoto of kelley, chambers, and loftin (L to R)Loftin, McIsaac, Chambers, Lasater, Orrphoto of loftin, mcisaac, chambers, lassiter, and orr (L to R)Chambers, Knighton, Orr, German, Lasater, Loftin, Busssure, and McIsaacgroup photo of chambers, knighton, orr, german, lassister, loftin, bussure, and mcisaac Larry Kelley, Ron Loftin, and Steve McIsaacphoto of larry kelley, ron loftin, and steve mcisaac
Ron (Tex) Loftinphoto of ron loftin (L to R)Guy Orr, David Demaree, Jeff Roll, Maurice Dalton, Joe Doyle, Frank Brock, Monte Pettit, Ron Loftin, and George Parnelligroup photo of Orr, demaree, roll, dalton, doyle, brock, pettit, loftin, and parnelli (standing) David Demaree, Ralph Bishop, Frank Brock. (kneeling) Bill Howsare (L) and John E. Ross (R)photo of bowling team-demaree, bishop. brock, howsare, and ross (Horsing around) Howsare, Bishop, Brock, and John E. Ross. Sid Jenkins (kneeling in front). Note the well-known (and infamous) T-3 Logo on the shirt sleevesphoto of howsare,bishop, brock, ross, and jenkins
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