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Papasan Chen leaving SLK at end of dayphoto of chen leaving work at slk The ubiquitous Pinochle game - Ralph Bishop (L) Roy Pollite (R)photo of ralph bishop and roy pollite playing pinochle George Parnelli (in glasses) and Roy Pollitephoto of george parnelli and roy pollite Joe (Pogo) Grim (L) Jerry Bussure (R)photo of joe grim and jerry bussure outside barracks
(L to R)Robert Zarbaugh, unknown, unknown, John E. Ross, Charlesl Heffnergroup photo of zarbaugh, ross, heffner, and two unknown persons Bob Zarbaugh (front), Ken Lasater (rear), unk, unk, Carl Ginn (reclined)photo of zarbaugh, lassiter, ginn, and two unknowns Unknown (L) Bob Zarbaugh (R)photo of bob zarbaugh and unknown person (L to R)John E. Ross, Bob Zarbaugh, unknown (partial), Wurster, Marty Bannon (partial), unknown, Charlie Harris (back to camera), unknown, John Sackgroup photo including ross, zarbaugh, wurster, bannon, harris, and sack, and two unknown persons
Water Buffalo - Taipeiphoto of water buffalo in ditch Temple Idolphoto of temple idol L to R: Ralph Bishop, Gary Knighton, David Demaree, Donald Edgcomb, Ronald Sargent, Ken Lasatergroup photo of bishop, knighton, demaree, edgcomb, sargent, and lasater Ralph Bishopphoto of ralph bishop riding a bicycle
L to R: Frank Brock, John Ross (kneeling), Ralph Bishop (on bike)photo of frank brock, john ross, and ralph bishop Countryside Farmers in Rice Paddyphoto of taiwanese farmers working in rice paddy Taipei Street Scenephoto of a street scene in Taipei Jerry Bussurephoto of jerry bussure
David Demareephoto of david demaree L to R: Frank Brock, Joe Grim, Bob Atherton, Larry Swanson (hidden by Atherton)photo of brock, grim, atherton, swanson Taipei Street Scenephoto of taipei street scene Taipei Street Scenephoto of taipei street scene
Ron Sargent (Yogi reflected in mirror taking picture along with Cliff Wiley)photo of Ron Sargent L to R: Leon German, Gary Knighton, Ron Sargent, Donald Edgcomb, Ralph Bishopgroup photo of german, knighton, sargent, edgcomb, and bishop Taipei Street Scene As Seen From Taxiphoto of street activity as seen from inside a taipe taxi L to R: Leon German, Ken Lasater, Joe Doylephoto of german, lasater, and doyle on taipei street
Ron Sargent inside Linkou Club - Downtown Taipeiphoto of ron sargent inside the linkou club downtown taipei Steve Marks inside Linkou Club - Downtown Taipeiphoto of steve marks inside linkou club downtown taipei David "Duck" Demareeephoto of david demaree Leon German taking a picture of me taking a picture of himphoto of leon german taking a photo
Larry Swanson Waiting to Leave for Beach Party with the "Goods"photo of larry swanson sitting on steps waiting to go to beach party Panorama of Beach Partyphoto of panorama view of beach party Beach Panoramaphoto of beach panorama Shelter for Shade at Beachphoto of temporary tent structure at beach
Bob Zarbaugh in old Japanese WWII Gun Emplacementphoto of bob zarbaugh looking at  world war 2 japanese gun emplacement Bob Zarbaugh warming up on the moundphoto of bob zarbaugh pitching the baseball Ken Lasater (L) Bob Zarbaugh (R)photo of ken lasater and bob zarbaugh Last name Wurster/Worster. Firm ID Would Be Appreciatedphoto of wurster
Fountain Statue at Children's Park and Zoophoto of fountain statue at taipei zoo Trick 3 Birdhouse constructed by Tex Loftinphoto of trick three bird house Maurice "Moose" Daltonphoto of Maurice Dalton Countryside Fuel Stop Seen on Rural Bicycle Excursionphoto of fuel station in countryside of Taipei
Marty Bannon as a TSgt at P-Y-Do, Korea (Later, as a SMSgt, Marty Bannon was the Charlie Flight Mission Supervisor during a portion of my two tours at the 6987th)
(photo provided by Marty's son, Col. Martin (Race) Bannon)
photo of TSgt Marty Bannon
SMSgt Marty Bannon receiving his CMSgt Stripe, 1965, Bremerhaven, Germany
(photo provided by Col. Martin Bannon)
photo of marty bannon receiveing cmsgt stripe
CMsgt Marty Bannon (5th from far end) at 6913th (1966 Dining In), Bremerhaven, Germany
(photo provided by Col. Martin Bannon)
photo of marty bannon at 1966 dining in-bremerhaven, germany
Capt. Marty Doria, (L) 6987th Provost Marshal and Capt. Tom Penn (R), Charlie Flight Commander
(photo provided by Tom Penn)
photo of marty doria presenting eight ball award to tom penn
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