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(L to R) Gary Knighton, Guy Orr, Leon German, Jerry Bussure, and Frank Brockgroup photo of knighton, orr, german, bussure, and brock Steve (Yank) McIsaac and Gene Chambersphoto of mcisaac and chambers Ron Loftinphoto of ron loftin Base Laundryphoto of base laundry
All Unidentified (Need help with ID's) group photo of unknown persons (L To R) Gary (Yogi) Knighton, Guy Orr, and Leon Germanphoto of gary knighton, guy orr, and leon german Jerry Bussurephoto of jerry bussure Sid Jenkins (L) and Paul Petty (R)photo of sid jenkins and paul petty
Larry Kelley (near) and Steve McIsaac playing Shuffelboard at the USO Club on basephoto of Joe Doyle posing at the Taipei Zoophoto of joe doyle Ron Loftin at the Taipei Zoophoto of ron loftin Unidentifiedphoto of an unidentified person
John E. Ross (in hat) and Joe Doylephoto of john  e. ross and joe doyle Garry Phillipsphoto of garry phillips Inside USO Club on Basephoto of interior of USO Club at Linkou Falling into formation (1st Row closest-Gary Knighton. 2nd Row closest-Sam Dairyko (tentative)photo of group of men forming ranks
Ron Loftinphoto of Ron Loftin Entrance to Operations Compoundphoto of the entrance to the operatons compound View of Operations Compound from Gymnasiumphoto of operations compound Turn off from Main Road heading toward the Basephoto of the intersection on way to Linkou Village and the base
(L to R)Yogi (seated), Roy Politte, Jim Casserly and Larry Swanson (seated), Fred Grafe, and Larry Kelley (behind Grafe) group photo of yogi, politte, casserly, swanson, grafe, and kelley Traffic between Linkou and Taipeiphoto of vehicle traffic between the base and Taipei Ron Loftinphoto of ron loftin Linkou Villagephoto of Linkou Village
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